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Why does this page show so little data? Is it because of mobile/tiny screen users?

  • I see this everywhere. The intelligent way to display a page is to use the ENTIRE width and that adapts to the monitor width. What is the point of having margins on each side? I see about 5 messages per page. I should see 50, 100, 200 per page like I used to be able to see with Usenet. I see this everywhere. Can't websites detect when a users is mobile and adjust the screen for them? Are dumbphone users just going to continue to degrade our online experience?

  • This isn't Opera related, so I'm not too sure why you posted this here.

    Maybe you should go and have a rant at the website owners/developers of the sites where you experience this problem/phenomenon ?.

  • Mobile isn't the question anyway, with tablets and whatnot. Opera Presto (versions through 12.xx) defined "media queries", where the CSS could include sections that specify "If the screen width is less than (number), then ..." I don't really know how many other browsers support that; if they don't you can use javascript to do the same thing.

    Moved to the Lounge.

  • linuxmint7, I suppose this is a query to the people that design this website. But as noted, so many websites are going this way. Facebook has been like this for years. Its the most inefficient use of space imaginable. Don't they realize scrolling down, page after page, is not a good experience? Why not use the full width of the page? Remember how Opera used to have that option to "Fit to Width"? Greatest browser option ever!

  • Maybe its an example of how portable devices with their tiny screens are sabotaging the internet experience for people that have a real monitor. What is a mystery is why not just have a mobile or desktop option at the top so you can set it so it displays properly for your equipment?

  • There are studies that long lines of text bother most people - so you're not going to convince site designers to have 100 characters per line. This particular site doesn't have much that it could stick in a second column ... hence the wide margins if your browser window is over 10" wide. That's why I liked having the sidebar "Hotlist" open in Opera 12 - something to take up the extra space on my screen.