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Opera 12 does not work for Lollipop

  • I'm not a huge fan of the new Opera browser, so please give us back our Opera Classic.

    Why? What's the problem with the new Opera?
    Opera Software is not developing the old Presto-based Classic versions anymore, so give constructive feedback so they can make the new one better so you can eventually jump to it. Anything different than that is not happening, unless you choose to switch to another completely different browser.

    I don't like the UI. I don't like its tab management. When word wrap or text reflow is enabled, it becomes very clunky and is not as fast as smooth as with Classic. I don't like the way it renders some pages. There isn't a loading bar indicator. When viewing a full site, as in desk top (not mobile), it always defaults to zoomed in and not overview like in classic.

    My device is a Nexus 4, so the problem isn't a device that can't properly handle a full fledged web browser. Opera just went in a different direction with their new browser, but that shouldn't mean they should give up on its previous version, especially when Opera Mini is still fully supported and for the most part remained unchained as far as UI and performance.

  • Opera mini will have its changes too, check the new beta of it.

  • some hindi font isssues I have loaded

  • Opera mini will have its changes too, check the new beta of it.

    That's fine,I have a functional and stable apk of the Mini I use. The problem is that not only is Opera Classic not being supported any longer, but that its not functional at all on lollipop.

  • This really sucks. I updated my phone to lollipop today without knowing this. I've been using Opera for years, mainly because the feel of Classic rather than Dolphin or Chrome. Now I'm completely locked out of my browser of choice and I can't do anything about it.

  • I guess I should add that I've been using Opera since your 2.0-3.0 days, going on eight some years... Sad to see the format I've been so use to for so many years go.

  • @bpydzinski Security updates? Opera Mobile 12 running on any platform can't resolve anymore which can ping the localhost from config page. Trusted domains list should be updated? I don't think so, moreover Opera Mini (and the new line of products) may have both ecma/firebug console in near feature and that will afect old prestof rendering. V12 is deprecated an will be buried in the same manner as mini3.

  • @sagrid, bpydzinski has moved to another product so I think you guys are stuck with me in this forum :awww:

  • Well, nobody make a lark for the sake of Opera 12 so here I am. Definitely something is out of place in this browser currently and that could be explained only from Opera Mini perspective (as a whole, include Max) when Presto engine will be upgraded and Turbo2 can break the UA compatibility. Opera 12 is not an standalone browser, is not alive without Presto and it appears that mentenance workability is a problem for Opera.

  • bpydzinski has moved to another product so I think you guys are stuck with me in this forum

    Stuck? We are very well served. 🆙

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