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Dislike Opera 26! Disconnected Mail Client! No HomePage Option! No Toolbar options!

  • The title says it all. The only frigging reason I updated is because I kept getting strange crap in my mailing lists and wanted a way to delete them. What the freak is up with the mimicking the other frickin browsers! If I wanted it to look like theirs, I would have gotten theirs!!!!


  • Man I am torqued!

  • There is a start page option in Settings (the page loaded when Opera first starts). There are extensions if you want new tabs to start with a specific page.

  • You know I was wondering why Opera went this way... No mail no other features that made Opera awesome? I really wished that they kept their old CEO and added those features... BTW he left and now is making a new browser? with said features... I'm guessing that hes upset as well...

  • Its pretty simple really. Opera needs to make money to keep going and to do that it has to have enough market share for companies to what to give it money to add their search engine, bookmarks and such to its browser. Meanwhile its market share has been stuck in the single digits for 20 years. They tried playing the game by being the stand out that had tons of features built in and their own custom rendering engine and it didn't get them anywhere. Meanwhile the rest of the industry went for clean, simple, basic browsers and, outside of IE, they were released after Opera and quickly passed it in market share. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, all came out years after Opera and beat it by catering to average users and mostly ignoring power users.

    Now look at Opera's position; it has an aging custom renderer which was becoming a problem to keep current, an interface so integrated with the renderer that it couldn't easily be swapped out, flat user growth and a mobile browser that went the clean, simple, basic route and is one of the heavy hitters in the mobile world. They saw what way the wind was blowing and they changed their tack to follow it.

    Vivaldi is targeting power users and is trying to be the replacement for Opera 12 but I doubt they will ever have more than a single digit market share. Not that that is a bad thing. If you can carve out a niche and make it work more power to them. I have it installed myself. I will be keeping an eye on it to see if it becomes something worth using. The thing you have to understand is, at the end of the day, making software is a business and its hard to keep the lights on if you aren't bringing in any money. Opera was tired of being stuck in a niche in the desktop world and they saw they had to make some hard choices if they wanted to carve out a bigger piece. They decided to make the changes necessary to do that instead of trying to keep their old renderer banging along. Yeah, it pissed a lot of people off, but as Woodrow Wilson once said: "If you want to make enemies, try to change something."