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  • I've used Opera since about, version 5, version 6. (So, long time then.)
    In older versions (since atleast 9.x), including whichever version I've stuck with on my windows 7 PC, I can use the navigate page forward (Control + Right or the 'rocker' hold-left-click-right) to go beyond the tab history when the current page holds a link with 'next' in the text. This is absent in the current version, which I only just installed on my laptop (which is windows 8.1)
    I mainly use Opera for the kind of sites where you'll be a-b-c'ing the pages, instead of wikiwalking (one page open up three tabs, next page... another three) as happens with, well, wikipedia, various wikias, news sites, TV tropes (oh god TV TROPES is the WORST for it)

    Specifically, about 90% of my use for Opera is for stories posted online on pages where its one chapter per page, and the next chapter link almsot always includes the word 'next' in the actual link itself. One website I frequent, the videos don't play within opera (I use chrome), but the articles are better viewed in opera (adblock plus on both chrome and opera, but behind-page-full-page-links-with-video appears on the article pages when viewed in chrome... irritating when I click into the window rom another program and BAM! Movie advert takes over sucking up all that bandwidth. good thing I'm not on a restricted-bandwidth package)

    as you can imagine, when I'm reading, I can just laze back, with mouse in hand, and as I get to the end of the page, no fuss, no muss, just... hol-click-next!. but I can't now, not on my laptop, where I should be able to use the control+right with one hand (I dont have a mouse, just the trackpad, and I turn that off when I'll be reading a page for ages.)

    This is a function absent from Chrome, which has a tendancy to not zoom on those pages well as those pages have text-size overrides that conflict with the text scaling as you do zoom... so the text generally stays too damn small for long bouts of reading. hence Opera...

    sigh and it's too bothersome to have to load each page, scroll to the end, hit next, for five pages or so to queue up a large amount, then cycle back and then start to read... and combined with the trackpad being turned off (otherwise it goes haywire with reading, and my palm burhsing it constantly as I use spacebar or the arrow keys to scroll)... you can see why I liked that feature. any chance of knowing how to get it back on? all it should do is pick up when a link on the page says "next", with preference to "Next page" links.

    long winded for that, I know but... hm. yeah Cheers... now it'll take me five minutes to turn my trackpad back on to hit post... having to get to it using the keyboard going into system settings is so screwed... no on-keyboard-function for it.

  • As this really belongs in the "Suggestion box" forum ... thread moved.

  • are you sure it's not a bug, older code that should have stayed on switched off?

  • Features from Opera 12 and earlier are not automatically going to be in current versions, since 7-12 were based on Opera's proprietary Presto engine while current versions use the Blink engine from Chromium.

    As I see no mention of Fast forward/Next in the Help page, it doesn't exist in the Blink-based Opera - yet. Now, there might be an extension to implement this - probably is, but I don't keep track - but if you want it built-in like it was in Presto then it's a feature request and belongs here.

  • There probably is not extension for exactly similar behavior (I haven't found suitable chrome API to hook up all required navigational events/key/mouse actions, but my experience with extension coding is very little so far also). It would be possible to create specific extension buttons for Rewind or FF however.

    Of course I'm really wanting these actions (Rewind/FF) reimplemented in new Opera core either...