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Speed (Slowness) of Opera Forums

  • I've had a very long-standing issue with access speed of the Opera forums, particularly since the migration to the current forums. Compared with other forums I routinely visit (DSLR, Wilders, etc), Opera's forums are extremely slow to interact with a browser, and this behavior exists uniformly across multiple browser brands (Opera, Firefox, IE, Qupzilla, etc), multiple computers, and multiple Internet connection portals. In Opera Forum posting or paging forward/backward in a browser, the target pages seem to always update and/or reload totally from scratch and that can take 10 to 30 seconds on a good day. On a 'bad' day, it can take 90 seconds or more. When the loading seems stalled (usually at the 2/3 to 3/4 point), the legend in the status bar (of the browser brands that have it) indicates that a "" element is what the browser is waiting for. All the Opera forums exhibit this same slowness.

    The worst aspect of this is that it also seems at times to interfere somehow with the editing process for an existing post... though I'm not quite sure how that's happening. Sometimes a just-edited post seems not to "register" to the forum at all after submission... perhaps it's taking too long via all the slow handshaking. At other times, the edit appears as a new post, duplicating the one being edited. These editing problem instances seem only to occur in very infrequent bursts (like today) when the forum seems to be running especially slow.

    I'm wondering if this slowness is characteristic of these forums (for other users) or if it has something to do with the routing of traffic to/from Opera's servers to my locale in the Midwestern US.

  • Well I'm in the UK, and can't say I've ever had any problems with the speed of this forum, on Opera 12.17.
    You could be right about it being worse in the States.
    I do agree about the annoying anomalies that keep happening around editing posts!
    Having to keep on refreshing the page to see what you've really got is very tedious!

  • @davehawley, what is curious is that the "Opera" server for my communicating with Opera forums is currently showing as located in the US. Obviously, there must be some handoffs with other Opera servers elsewhere, and I suspect it is those handoffs that are causing the bottlenecking. For example, this site just now took 23 seconds to load after coming here fresh from the DSLR forums (which took all of 0.9 seconds to load), both from "cold' starts with a freshly restarted browser, but with log-in cookies already stored in place.

  • That is odd, I've almost never had it not load instantly for me, except on the odd occasion that it's actually been down altogether of course!
    The only thing it does always do is to load and then immediately refresh to automatically log me in.

  • ... it does always do is to load and then immediately refresh to automatically log me in.

    I get the same "immediate" refresh behavior to automatically log me in as well... but "immediate" here typically amounts to an additional 15-30 second load time. However, I have noticed this afternoon a marked speedup of forum page loading... this page just now loaded in 2.7 seconds, and I've never seen an Opera forum page load so quickly here before.

  • It is o'k for me - except for this issue.

  • I feel ya, mines is running so slow I think I
    m about too change back

  • Is it only I, or is the forums slow today?

  • Today?

    Today I came with Firefox, it's slow, but I tend to blame it on my browser.

  • Yes, the forum does seem to be slower than usual at the moment (using Opera 12.18).

  • Is it only I, or is the forums slow today?

    I have been noticed it too.

  • You were noticed, Leo 😉

    Today with Google Chrome it's all right.