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  • Hi, I have searched the forum high and low and all the answers that seen relevant are very much out of date. I closed Opera to reboot my PC and then when I tried to Open Opera again I have lost all my open tabs. Where does Opera store the closed tabs, whats the file called because I can undelete using software. I am stuffed as I had 8 months of open tabs and many are vital to my work as an electronics engineer.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

    all the best Spencerino

    Version: 19.0.1326.59
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

  • It's the session.db file in the Profile location listed at Opera -> About.
    You can try to grab the session.dbak file which is an auto-backup and rename it to session.db to check if it contains your pages too.

  • Is your Opera set up to "Continue where I left off"?

  • Thank you very much rafaelluik and LeoCG for the very swift response.
    I guess I should have really filled in more information before I hastly posted my topic. Yes the browser is set to "Continue where I left off", and I am aware of the session .db file which I had backed up to another drive, however when I open Opera I still return to only 1 Tab and this may be due to Opera auto-updating.
    The Session.db file is 192kb in size so either this is good or bad but I have no idea what the nominal size should be. Personally I had about 40 Tabs Open and these were for cross comparison between projects eg: Scientific calculators and theory etc. I really appreciate the replies thus far
    and had read all the About stuff that you suggest rafaelluik so thank you for clarifying that but the Session.db.bak is also 192kb in size so fear the backup of session.db is probably the same as the original, however with try as you suggest my good friend and hopefully get back some of my Tabs.
    Since then I have also installed a program to manage sessions (odd how I never done it earlier as I has Session buddy on Chrome, and session manager on Waterfox).

    Thanks again guys and I can hopefully get back to work.

    All the very best Spencerino

  • The auto-update shouldn't mess with this, it never did here.

    Perhaps you used a Private Window at some point?

  • rafaelluik Yes you make an interesting point, however I do as always delete my History and Clear Adobe storage settings all the time but this has never affected the tabs at all unless the update has changed this to remove ll tabs when cleaning history? Whenever i have cleaned my history the tabs always remain.

    Renaming Session.db unfortunately didn't help but the advice was very much appreciated nonetheless.

    All the best guys and thanks for the continued support