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No menu option to exit fullscreen mode when playing Flash or HTML5 content.

  • TL:DR

    Is there anyway to exit full-screen mode in Opera (28) on a Windows touch-screen tablet without a keyboard being attached ?.

    I have a new Windows 8.1 (full-fat) keyboard-less tablet, and am currently using Opera Developer (28.0.1719.0). I have a mouse connected to it to compensate for the lack of touch-screen support in most (all?) on-line Flash and HTML5 games. The thing is, I like to use it (Opera) in full-screen mode when playing or using such content, as the experience just seems much better. But not having a keyboard does cause one major problem, I can enter full-screen mode with the mouse from the right click menu, but when I wish to exit full-screen mode, there is no option to do so in the right click menu, and not having a keyboard, there is no way of me hitting the escape (ESC) key. Even when forcing Opera Developer (28) to quit through Windows (as no menus are available, GUI can not be seen), on restarting Opera, even when shutting down and restarting the whole tablet, Opera starts back up in full-screen mode again.

  • Hmm, yes, that does seem to be a problem. I'd report it as a bug or see if its already been reported.

  • I know we've discussed it here quite often so I presume it has been reported several times - though I could check. The big problem - in the case of Flash anyway - is how to do it. Flash generates its own context menus - not the browser. Some auto-hiding toolbar that appears when the mouse gets close to it, perhaps?

    In the case of Youtube, it seems to be possible to to use the mouse to exit full-screen mode on the video itself, at that point you could right-click somewhere to get the browser out of fullscreen mode. But not an optimal solution - and I'm not certain other video services would.

  • I think I may have found something in opera://flags in the Linux version of 28. But I need to check in the tablet version to see if it is of use.

    Just checked the Linux version for the name of the flag, it's 'Fullscreen exit popup'. Description says

    'Enables clickable fullscreen popup when browser is fullscreen. Popup slides from top of the screen when mouse is near the top.'.

    Sounds like it may be just what I am looking for, will try it when the tablet has charged. Been using it a little too much for games recently. 😃

  • Maybe I missed something. I can see "Enter Full Screen" in the right click menu, but once in full screen, who do you leave it without using the keyboard? Theres nothing in the right click menu once in full screen mode.

  • There's nothing in the right click menu once in full screen mode.

    Exactly. 🙂

  • That flag was Exactly what I was looking for. All working now, and very happy. 😃