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New Adobe flash player upgrade causes Opera 26.0 to crash

  • You meant Windows 7/Vista/XP2008/2003 right?

    Go to using Opera and you must see the correct one to download.

  • Well I rolled the dice and installed "Windows 7/Vista/XP2008/2003". The photo editing website I use "PicMonkey" tells me I still need Flash and when I try to watch a video on facebook it tells me "Flash player upgrade required".
    I'm having no luck, ideas anyone?

    Do you have plugins enabled?

    Which version of flash do you have?

  • What do you mean I "must see" the one to download? Using the link davehawley provided there was only 5 to choose from. And I was in Opera when I selected and made the download.

  • What do you mean I "must see" the one to download?

    I mean that the page detects your browser and OS and shows you the correct version for it.

  • When I go to my programs these are the Adobe programs I have.

    Adobe AIR
    Adobe Flash Player 16 PPAPI
    Adobe Reader X (10.1.13)

    If I'm hearing everone correctly Adobe Flash Player 16 PPAPI is what I should using.

  • These are the Adobe programs I'm currently using:
    Adobe AIR
    Adobe Flash Player 16 PPAPI
    Adobe Reader X (10.1.13)

  • I don't know why thos page refuses to print what I copy to it.
    I'm also using Adobe AIR & Adobe Reader X (10.1.13)

  • I have windows 8.1 64 bit and play games on zynga and facebook and now can no longer play because shockwave is constantly crashing before I get in.I've tried 5 different browsers and just uploaded opera and it happened there to.I've been to adobe and they say I have the correct version,lol but apparently not for it is conflicting with my games.My browsers are IE Firefox,Google,safari and now opera.Where do I turn to for I sent a note to adobe and zynga.

  • If its messed up on all your browsers I'd bet you have some kind of malware infection. Get a copy of AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes and have them check out your system.

  • You meant Windows 7/Vista/XP2008/2003 right?

    Yes I did, sorry it wouldn't have happened if I'd been able to copy/paste it!

  • That's okay, I tried it and Opera still crashes. I'm seriously considering going back to Chrome.

  • I think you need to get completely rid of every version of Flash Player on your system, including manually deleting the folders and cleaning the registry.
    Don't worry about Adobe AIR and Adobe Reader, they are nothing to do with Flash.
    Then start again, just installing the PPAPI version and see if Opera is then happy.
    You can then add the IE version back too if you need it.

  • I have no version of Adobe Flash Player in programs now I deleted it. Where are the folders located?

  • but I left Adobe AIR & Adobe Reader X (10.1.13)

  • The Windows files should be in the C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash folder.
    Not sure about on Macs I'm afraid.
    Incidentally, if you don't know this, "Macromed" is the shortened eight character DOS compatible name from Macromedia, which was the company that invented Flash and were taken over by Adobe years ago.
    A legacy from the mists of time that's still there on new installations even now, presumably for backwards compatibility reasons!

  • Wow, I'm in so far over my head I don't even know which way to turn. lol Is "C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash folder" in Local Disc (C:) ?

  • Yes, that's the "C:" bit!

  • I went there and only saw the the download I did last night. I deleted it. As far as cleaning the registry, I ran CCleaner. Does that clean registry?

  • The cleaner should remove any invalid registry entries.
    As you've deleted the Flash folder, it should remove any entries associated with it.
    If you look at the plugins list in Opera now, what (if anything) do you have listed for Flash Player?

  • It can, it has a variety of options. I believe they have an option that removes references to missing files - that is what you would need.