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Set custom DPI for flash content or at least on tab/site basis

  • I think thic topics belongs to suggestions, although I would call it bug also.

    I'm using XP with 120dpi - makes good for my eyes.
    In some pages, like, flash content (which contains lot of text) is blurry and almost unreadable. Zooming page in-out hasn't any effect on blurryness.
    Using new command-line switch to set 96dpi in nev developer version, flash on geni looks correct (like in old Operas). Unfortunately other texts, including menus, tabs, also other UI elements are too small for my vision. Page content can be zoomed, but that is not enough to make Opera usable (visible) to me.

    I would suggest one of these:

    1. allow set custom DPI for specific tabs or sites, or
    2. allow set custom DPI (or just use 96DPI = do not scale) for flash content

    Lastest version of Chrome is working much better in this context - UI and page content seem to obey 120DPI and flash on geni is not stretched.

  • There's a flag to enable/disable plugin scaling.

  • Where? Not on flags screen (or it doesn't include neither "sca" nor "plu" in its name).

  • It's opera://flags/#enable-alt-high-dpi-plugin-scaling but it seems to be gone in developer 28.

  • Hmh, that's why I couldn't find it, thanks a lot 🙂 Anyway, this flag doesn't help in Beta version (where it is present) either.

    Can anyone confirm flash scaling problem on (you can search famous people and view tree without logging in) on different OS, using 120DPI (or anything different from 96DPI)? On my XP some things may behave differently (although Chrome is displaying it correctly).