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  • Great! Dandy! I like it.................[finally]

  • Why ? what's different ? I'd kinda like to know before I decide to try it.

  • Wait for the stable version. It should be coming out any day now.

  • I've cruised by this Forum long enough to know better than to post anything that wasn't POSITIVE, and, from my operation 27 [beta] does everything I opposed to previous chromium versions.

    Appears 'stable' to me...not one problem in a couple days.......

  • Wait for the stable version. It should be coming out any day now.

    Not this year for sure.

  • Well... it's only a couple of weeks before 2015. 🙂

  • I must not be too demanding or adventuresome; 27 Beta keeps running along perfectly for me. I did totally abandon the Bookmark Bar and all that goes with it, imported all my 12.17 BMs into folders in the Speed Dial. Fourteen of 'em, works great....

  • Sounds good, bill. I'm not as adventurous I guess. I'm afraid of messing up and running into issues I can't resolve. I admire more technically gifted users (I'm technically challenged! LOL) who can assist Opera by reporting bugs and helping to resolve potential problems. For me, waiting a few weeks for the stable version to be offered is worth the wait and well within my comfort zone. Too chicken to live on the cutting edge I guess. 🙂

  • OK...I just hope the 'Stable' version runs as good as the Beta...............or I'm gonna be....... 💣

  • Pretty much a generic thread, Now the New Opera is great, better than all the rest in the past, but no one says what's better about it, is it fixed and has all the user configurable options ? It has full bookmark functionality ? Options to remove the speed dial ? Set any search engine you like as default ? I saw no changelog for it, so what's better about it ? Also full google theme, compatibility would be nice.

  • Has the Jumping Cursor Menu Bugs been fixed???
    Select HP, Photosmart then select something way down the list...

    (I still think Canon Printers has sharper text)

  • I don't know; you like it or you don't like it...sort of like Manual versus Automatic transmissions. Just installed Opera 28 Developer; so far IT works great, too.....for me. Nothing to lose.... I'll run 'em side by side for a while.

  • I left out one small detail... Opera 26 was causing the problems.

  • P.S. If anybody here can read AND UNDERSTAND any of the 'Change Logs' for these fresh programs they are one helluva lot smarter than I am...I just know what works for me. I still like 'em...I'm on 28 right now.....................

  • Ha! I had no trouble running Opera 5 or for that matter Netscape 3 Gold. No tabs back then but you learn to do things with the tools available.

  • Netscape 4.7 was another great browser from the past

  • For me, NCSA Mosaic is the browser I'll always remember. In 1994, there were several thousand sites available on the Internet... and Mosaic was the way to access them... a remarkable world opening up before one's eyes. The beauty was in the novelty of it all.

    But the distance between that Mosaic browser and Opera 27 can truly be measured only in light years...

  • Yup! I loved it and was very reluctant to upgrade to version 6 (you'll recall they by-assed v.5). Anyway, to get back on track, I know Opera Blink started out as bare bones but it has since added many great features and it's becoming a great browser in its own right. No, we can't stack tabs but big deal. We can still function very well without that feature. I'm hopeful that it will be added in time for those who "need" it but it's not necessary for me.

  • For people who's looking for the changelog. A simple search I made found this...

  • I can't copy URL from address bar. Is this a bug?