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what kind of search engine can be set default,for Opera 12 ?

  • Hi all,
    At first I added this as a search engine:
    It's fine.
    Then I set it default, looks good, but when I restart Opera, the default goes back to google.
    So my guess is: an engine with a IP format can not be accepted as default.
    So I created a search engine like: http://MMM.NNN.EEE/search?q=%s
    Then replace the MMM.NNN.EEE part with, with the help of an extension. And that works good. But again, the default goes back to google as long as Opera restarted.
    So, my guess about IP format is wrong.
    Any idea?

    [Closed. Duplicate topic.]

  • Which version of Opera 12? Afaik in 12.17 Opera will always revert the default search to one of the pre-installed ones.

  • Opera 12.14 was the last Opera version that allowed a custom search engine to be set (and maintained) as default. All later versions revert the default search engine back, at browser restart.

  • Never heard of this. I'm on v12.17.
    I just tried 12.14, perfect!
    Thanks a lot !!!

  • Never heard of this. I'm on v12.17.
    I just tried 12.14, perfect!
    Thanks a lot !!!

    You're welcome. But, in the interests of full awareness, please realize there are a couple of security vulnerabilities that were patched in 12.15 and 12.17 that will now be reinstated with 12.14. Whether they are minor vulnerabilities is unanswerable by mere speculation... to a victim of an attack down one of these paths, they would of course seem major. Some users have no problem with choosing to currently use Opera versions as far back as v9.x or v10.x with all the unpatched vulnerabilities that entails... the risk assessment is really up to you.

  • Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it. I can accept this, I'm more concerned about functions.