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Opera (15-26) gets very slow as Sessions.db gets large

  • So we're on Day 3 now, after blowing away the session.db, and it's basically back to full slowness. 5-10 second long frozen pauses, in between brief periods of functionality. It makes it very hard to type this paragraph

    I don't understand... if I can now reproduce this happening by just leaving the browser open for 3 days, how has the development team not discovered it? Is there a way I can forward it to them as a bug, or get in contact with them, so that I could send them a copy of the session.db's it creates for analysis?

  • how has the development team not discovered it?

    Maybe because nobody has left Opera opened for a period of time long enough to make the issue happens? Although i guess something like that was already reported.

    Is there a way I can forward it to them as a bug

    You can fill a bug report here.

  • I do leave Opera running, but I do also periodically close it. So it's not a biproduct strictly of running for an extended period, since closing it doesn't reset the problem. It could be a product of total uptime though.

    I'll submit a bug report. Thanks for the link.

  • Did you file a bug report somewhere?

  • Yes, I did. The black hole that is...

  • OK. Did you fix it or move to a different browser or something?

  • Neither... Every several days I delete the session.db, using the "Download Chrome Extension" and "Session Buddy" plugins (mentioned above) to restore my tabs. That buys me several more days of smooth sailing.

    Hopefully the devs take my bug report seriously, and fix this thing. It's blatantly reproducible, on a couple different machines I use. I've been using Opera since the beginning, and I really don't want to have to switch.

  • Ah ok thanks. I am having the same problem. I have just been deleting session.db and then letting it recreate.

    Edit: Which I've just realised doesn't save my tabs. Nevermind

  • I can't recommend Session Buddy enough. You really should try it. Its a much better way to save your tabs, especially if Opera or your system crashes.

  • Session Buddy will save your tabs. So the workaround goes like this...

    • Have "Download Chrome Extension" and "Session Buddy" plugins installed.
    • Have Opera running.
    1. Go to Session Buddy, and save your session.
    2. Close Opera.
    3. Delete the following files, manually (Win7):
    • C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\session.db
    • C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\session.dbak
    • C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\session.db-journal
    1. Reopen Opera. All tabs will be gone.
    2. Go to Session Buddy, and restore your saved session. It will restore all tabs, including pinned tabs.
    3. Use Opera for a few days, until it gets slow. Go back to Step 1.
  • Have you tired disabling 'Continue where I left off' in the startup options? As I said above I don't even have any sessions files and I think its because I don't use that feature. Yeah, it needs to be fixed by the devs but at least you wont have to close Opera all the time till the do track down the problem.

  • No, because that is an extremely important part of how I want to use Opera/browsers.

  • I'm on the verge of abandoning Opera for this reason.
    Once the file gets large enough, Opera becomes pretty much unusable. I've been getting by using Session buddy and deleting session.db file and that work for a time but its not long before the file has grown large enough to become a problem again.

  • Hi,

    Sorry to ask this but what is a session

  • @krrish1379 Its basically a save of every window and webpage you have open. So, when you open a previous session, it opens all of the webpages in one go. Its a feature Opera 12 had built in and its very handy for picking up where you left off. Currently it does it if you have Continue where I left off in the settings, but that only works when closing and reopening the browser. Extensions like Session Buddy can save and open sessions at any time and even keep several sessions saved at once.

    @gregdray Just out of curiosity, what OS are you running and how much RAM do you have?

  • @lando242 Thank you for the explanation. Can you explain & help me out on this post & is there any way to chat among members.

  • @lando242 Windows 8.1 Enterprise with 8gb of Ram.
    I deleted the session.db file and restore my tabs this morning and already the file is back up to 79mb. I'm not sure at what size it starts to get noticeable but its somewhere around 130mb or so, most noticeable when scrolling in web pages.

  • Instead of just deleting the session file have you also tried changing the 'On startup' option to something other than Continue where I left off? I use Session Buddy for all of my session needs and just have its management page set as one of the pages it opens when I start the browser. That makes it super easy to pick up where I left off even if the browser crashed. Which, to be fair, hasn't happened at all since they fixed that Ctrl+F bug in the Dev channel awhile back.

  • I have the same problem too. I am someone that could be called as "heavy user". Normally I don't close Opera in days and I use to have an average of 15+ tabs opened at the same time.

    I'm noticyng laggy from some time, maybe months. When I first realise it, I restarted opera (and all the opened tabs) but was the same. I tried closing all the tabs but surpresively still was laggy. It was specially noticiable in videos, that every 10 seconds aproximatedly has a "micro stop". That happens with all the videos, all the websites in flash or html5 and for example in Firefox with the same opened tabs it doesn't happens.

    I just did the same that "guido11x" and renamed the Opera Next folder in %Apdata% and it worked flawlessly so probably the problem is inside, i don't know.

    My specs are: Intel i5-2500k, 16GB Ram, SSD and AMD 6850HD in Windows 8.1 up to date and the latest Opera Next

  • hi everybody,

    I've been having this problem with Opera since some recent versions.

    My system is:

    Windows 8.1 64 bit

    8GB RAM

    So let's strike out possible system's problem/requirement, since since we all know Opera SHOULD run fine on everybody's specs here.

    Let's also agree that we would like Opera to start and open up tabs from previous sessions, I believe this is an important feature that none of us would want to compromise.

    After a lot of tests, deleting/recovering, disabling/enabling and so on, I've come to the following 'preliminary' assumptions:

    • Symptoms: noticeable lags when opening and closing tabs, playing video, typing, scrolling

    • The session db seems to be unrelated to saved browsing data and history, since cleaning up Opera's browsing data (Ctrl+Shift+Del) doesn't help.

    • Even after deleting site data - cookies and so on - the problem still persists.

    • There seems to be no difference between pinned and unpinned open tabs

    • Disabling all extensions doesn't help, so it's not their fault that Opera lags.

    Possible solutions:

    • Deleting session.db and session.dbak. I tried leaving the journal file and haven't seen and unwanted effect, so just let it be...

    • As mentioned, disabling extensions doesn't help when Opera is already lagging and session is already big, BUT disabling certain extensions, such as Autopagerize (all sites concerned) seems to slow down the expansion of this session file.

    This leads me to believe:

    • Maybe there's a bug in Opera that doesn't simplify/decrease this session file, leading to expand in size and as a result, slows down Opera.

    • Maybe some extensions help to worsen this bug, adding more stress to the file.

    • It seems that as long as session.db maintains its size under some MB (preferablly under 1MB), Opera runs fine. So keep an eye on your file.

    Please share your experience on this issue and also maybe solution too.

    Thanks everyone.

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