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Opera !2.17, Command for Hide Opera?

  • @laingman
    Yes. Use this custom menu item:
    [Document Popup Menu]
    Item, "Hide opera"="Hide opera,,,,"Mail Show More""

    Thanks, not understanding the mail part tho

  • Thank you so much, I don't know why I couldn't find that before!

    I've now added a toolbar button to do it.
    Still loving Opera 12 for all this!

    I am the opposite, I am trying to get as many of my most used functions into my right click menu, and I got rid of the useless items. For some reason it seems easier to me than going to the top to aim at a button although I am sure its not any faster. For example, I have added close tab, new tab, all but active, etc to right click menu and I am liking that much better than going up to the top to right click a tab

  • Thanks, not understanding the mail part tho

    He is showing an icon in front of the menu item. Since he can only use icons that exist in the skin, he looked for one similar to what he wanted ... and that's what he settled on. You can leave it out if you don't want an icon for it, or replace it with a different one - but it must be something that is defined in the skin.

  • @laingman

    Thanks, not understanding the mail part tho

    Choose any icon you like from the entire Opera's current skin icon set:

  • Ok, Thanks all. I understand the icon thing now.

  • I have another issue. I included focus mail panel and then history panel as another item in the following line in the document menu. So open mail panel works fine, when I try focus the history panel it opens the mail panel instead of history

    Item, "Mail"=focus panel, mail",,,"panel mail"

    Item, "History"=focus panel, history",,,"panel history"

    Any ideas why this is happening?

  • @laingman

    Try this

    Item, "Mail"="Focus panel, "mail",,,,"Panel mail""

    Item, "History"="Focus panel, "history",,,,"Panel history""

  • @laingman
    Try this

    Item, "Mail"="Focus panel, "mail",,,,"Panel mail""
    Item, "History"="Focus panel, "history",,,,"Panel history""

    Yep, works now. You guys rock, I am still trying to learn this stuff. Opera is even better than I thought after all these years. So is there a way to close/hide the panel from the menu? I couldn't find suitable command anywhere

  • Item, "History"="Focus panel, "history",,,"Panel history" | Set alignment, "hotlist", 0"

  • Which way do you want to do it - show the panel selector but hide the rest, or hide both?

    If you know of a keyboard shortcut for an action, you can go to the shortcut editor (Preferences > Advanced > Shortcuts, next to the keyboard setups list click Edit) and search for it.

    In this case, the shortcut is F4. It is currently assigned as

    Set alignment, "hotlist", 6 | Set alignment, "hotlist", 0

    ... which is the command to show/hide everything. Next to that, for Shift-F4, I see the following

    Show panel, -1 | Hide panel, -1 | Set alignment, "hotlist", 0

    ... which will show/hide just the list - if possible. If you have changed the location of the panel selector bar to the top or bottom (as it was in Opera 7) the "Hide panel, -1" will fail and it'll fall back to hiding everything.

    If you don't know of a shortcut for an action but think you have a guess what it may be called, then start to create a new shortcut. The autocomplete will show you any command that matches the word you typed - but not the syntax, unfortunately. Obviously if you don't really want a new shortcut then cancel out of the dialog after finding the right command.

  • Cool. I used this:
    Item, "Toggle Panel"=Set alignment, "hotlist", 6 | Set alignment, "hotlist", 0

    Works like a charm. Thanks all