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How to make Opera custom button without using make button webpage

  • Thanks & how I am to add the a+ if I am to make a multi function Opera button:

    item= insert, "Thank you very much. Best regards, Sales team"

    item= insert, "Thank you very much. Best regards, CS team"

    item= insert, "Thank you very much. Best regards, Account dept."

    How I am to put above 3 to the below command with A+ ?

    opera:/button/ ......,,"......."

    Thank you very much.

  • sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,, if anyone knows the tech to make this multi function dropdown button..........

    Thank you very much

  • I still can't figure out how to make this multi function dropdown button................

    I can make button for single function but want to save space with a button with 3 to 4 multi functions.

    Thank you very much.


    Opera v.xx

    I have 2 USB standalone version installed onto the same Window 8 system

    ( Opera A & Opera B using the same installation .exe file )

    I am fine to make button with Opera A by paste & go the make button command just onto the address bar.

    But on Opera B , not accept. When paste & go onto address bar the make button commaand

    Error say:

    Invalid address

    Check that the address is spelled correctly, or try searching for the site.

    Search with Google

    My button is like this ( which is accepted in Opera copy A ) opera:/button/delay,10,,S-E-N-D&Delay,%20600%20&%20Email%20Clear%20Formatting%20&%20Delay,%20200%20&%20Open%20Font%20Dialog%20&%20Dela............etc.

    Why Opera copy B not accepted ? ( I make the button just paste & go onto the address bar )

    I use the same command immediately paste & go in Opera A, it is okay to let me make custom button.

    Hope there is a solution in where in Opera to adjust any setting.

    Thank you very much.

  • If you write a button with a + in it, the actions after the + will only be performed after a long click or a drag down. Standard buttons will follow that with Show popup menu, "menu name" or with Show hidden popup menu (no arrow), though Pesala was known for buttons that had other actions after the +.

    IF I have my custom buttonss like this :

    Button2, "Delay"=Delay, 10, , "D e l l" & Email Clear Formatting & Delay, 200 & Open Font Dialog & Delay, 600 & Focus next widget .......& Send mail & Delay, 600 & Send queued mail

    Button2, "蘋果"=Go to page, "", 1

    How I am to group them into single button ?

    I have seen belows but just do not know how to make correctly in my situation :

    Button0, 1325210100="New contact + Show popup menu, "New Contact Menu""

    Please give me some hints so that I can puzzle around in my toolbar.ini

    Thank you very much.

  • First, a button involving a "+" can only have 2 functions. And - being only one button - can only show one label. Any functions before the "+" are only executed on a simple click, functions after the "+" are executed on a long click. Really, that should be all you need to know - though I wouldn't put a function that includes a Delay after the "+" as the button may still be pressed.

  • hi sgunhouse,

    Thanks & would be make sense ? ( I do not want to mess my toolbar.ini before I know the below is correct........

    Button0, Hello A=

    "Go to page, ""

    • Show popup menu,

    "Email Clear Formatting & blah blah...& Send mail & Delay, 600 & Send queued mail""

    Thank you

  • No, that isn't a menu. Leave out the "Show popup menu".

  • Hi sgunhouse ,

    [Start Toolbar.content]

    Button07, "ABC"=Go to page, "", 1 + "XYZ"=Go to page, "http://xyz", 1

    But the start bar does not have this icon in it................ above is something wrong ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Try

    [Start Toolbar.content]

    Button07, "ABC"=Go to page, "", 1 + Go to page, "http://xyz", 1

  • Hi Sgunhouse,

    sorry it does not work.............

    Is there any other link I could refer regarding making Opera button with button can multi function ?

    For example like this one, I am trying to make a single button containing 3 to 4 different website in this singel button.

    Thank you very much.

  • @emc
    You can use great extension "Button generator by Vectronic (My Opera community's ex-member) for Opera 12:

    It's more useful than a web-based buttons generator.

  • ButtonCreator extension by Vectronic also works in Opera 11.64

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