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Support for touch screen navigation?

  • Does Opera have a gesture (or similar) control to go back to a previous page, in full screen mode on a windows tablet? I know I can "right click" but that's a pain do on touch screens. Something similar to Opera coast on apple, if you will.

  • Is right click a pain? I thought it was usually just done with 2 fingers together. (At least, that's what they do on trackpads on laptops).

  • Press and hold, wait for right click to register, then wait a bit more for the context menu to pop up, then find back from the menu and press.

    Not bad if you need to do it once or twice (like exit full screen, since there's no esc key), but use it to access back it gets annoying fast.

    After using a windows tablet I will never use an ios/android one again, and I predict Windows tablet is going to get a lot more popular, hope Opera stays on top of it, been using Opera since back when you have to pay for it.

  • On Android, the device's Back button is also Opera's back button - though there is also one in the address bar (which vanishes when the page loads). 😞

    Have a dedicated keyboard? If you're using a desktop version of Opera, you can enable Advanced keyboard shortcuts in the settings then use Z for Back and X for Forward.

  • No keyboard unfortunately, also no back button on windows tablet. I'm using opera literally everywhere, desktop, laptop, tablet and my phone (android), even turned my girlfriend to Opera coast on her iphone, she likes it a lot better than whatever came with ios.

  • I agree with nsx. Touchscreen navigation is missing.
    On google Chrome , to go to last or next page, you need only to touch the screen and go to right or left.
    This feature is present on Yandex too(Browser based on chome and opera).
    I hope it will come quickly on opera