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  • Opera 26 not completely closing according to cCleaner & Windows Task Manager.
    Sometimes Force Quit does not work either.

    Version: 26.0.1656.24 - Opera is up to date

    Can we at least have the rich features of Comodo Dragon in Opera???

  • Anyone know of a workaround or bug fix?

  • First thing to try would be disabling all extensions and plugins and check if the issue still happens. If not, then enable one extension/plugin at time to try to find the one to blame.

    If even with plugins and extensions disabled the issue remains, it could be good to check with a new profile.

  • The problem does not happen all the time 8(

    It's like taking your car to the mechanic w/ a weird problem; the moment your past the mechanic shop...

  • The problem does not happen all the time 8(

    Opera creates/runs a separate process for itself, for each open tab, and for each extension... hence, for a typical installation and user, multiple Opera processes will be simultaneously open on a computer. Unfortunately, to completely "close" Opera upon demand, each of those created process must also be shut down in a timely way. Because the processes all are initiated via Opera, regardless of why, they all carry the same name/description in Task Manager... so if one fails to close, it's nearly impossible to figure out what caused Opera to create it in the first place so as to figure out why it isn't being closed. As a result, patient user trial-and-error is about the only thing that can eliminate possible sources for the problem - whether that source be an extension, some kind of tab content, or Opera itself.

    Only by eliminating all non-Opera-code possibilities can one tell if the source is truly Opera alone. As @leocg suggested, start with all extensions off, browse a lot, and see if the problem appears. If the problem does recur, consider what tabs/content were open at the time of directing Opera to close (think at least in terms of whether Flash was involved on any pages, for example). If running Opera alone doesn't produce the problem eventually, then most likely it involves an extension (or an extension's interactions with either another extension, page content, or something else on the system). Once you have a handle on where the problem is coming from, only then can you begin to try to take specific remedial action against that source.

  • Thanks for the full explanation 😎