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Comments sections on various sites not working properly with Opera Blink

  • Whilst I like Opera and use it as my main browser, I've noticed quite a few sites don't display the user comments sections (at the bottom of articles) correctly, including Opera's own blogs page ( I had to use Firefox to comment on Opera Blogs! and are a couple of others that don't display anything at all and these aren't the only sites. Anyone else noticing this? Also is there a way to log this issue with Opera (if it hasn't been done already)?

    Just out of interest, Chrome renders comments perfectly so it can't just be the blink engine. I've tried both PC and Mac, stable release and developer.

  • If you use Ghostery to prevent spying on your website visits that could be the problem. I recently discovered it prevented me from using some embedded links.

  • If you are using any extensions, try disabling them to see if it helps.

  • You are right, I m not seeing any comments either because we both disabled "Block third-party cookies and site data" in cookie settings, disable third party cookies and it will work again, I just checked it, its working again. But I prefer blocking third party cookies.

  • Thanks for the advice. Yes I think Disconnect is partly the culprit. I have clicked 'Whitelist Site' in the dropdown menu which has corrected the comments formatting for some sites. I also tried disabling third party cookies on which has worked (but like saudiqbal, its not ideal). A lot of sites do warn you to accept third party cookies before commenting though. Bah, seems we're in the wrong for wanting to browse safely! ;).