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Opera 26 will not open several embedded links

  • Recently Opera 26 (stable) has stopped being able to open some but not all embedded links. When I click on them nothing happens. I know the problem is probably with this installation of Opera as other versions of opera in other computers work fine and I also have Win 10 installed in a virtual box on this computer and opera 26 doesn't have the same problem. I have done a reinstall without deleting the data but that didn't fix it. I also removed bitdefender as I read in a post here that it conflicted with Opera 26, that didn't help. I wanted to install Opera 26 as a second instance but it wouldn't do it as it used the folders of the defective Opera and there was no option I could find to change it. So I guess my only option is to do a totally fresh install and then try to transfer back bookmarks etc. I am wondering if I make Opera Next the default browser if the new installation of Opera 26 will get bookmarks, speed dials, personal data, auto fill and maybe passwords. Is this possible?

  • HOLY COW I found the answer. I was going to practice transferring all my data and bookmarks to the version of Opera Next I have on this computer which was working ok. Well first I tried transferring "local Storage", then I tried Next and it didn't work. Obviously there was something in that folder that was corrupt. So I just deleted the contents of of that folder. Then Next worked ok and on top of that it seems Opera restored the data that was in the folder. So I deleted all the data in the "Local Storage" folder of Opera 26 stable and the same thing happened, now Opera works fine and all the data is back in the folder. I don't understand what that folder is for or how it works but that fixed the problem.

  • Local Storage is data that websites store on your computer, so that (for example) you could look over something you did earlier in Google Docs even though you don't actually have network access just now. However, many websites use it the same as cookies.

  • How does Opera reconstruct it as it was? There must have been a backup that was clean?

  • The blocking was back but I have actually found the culprit, it was Ghostery. Apparently they had an update which blocked the popup when I clicked on the embedded link for chat on the Dish network support page, and other pages. I put that page's address in the Ghostery whitepaper list and it is now working fine. I'll just have to watch out for this behavior. But, at least I now know how to fix it. I could just turn off Ghostery but it blocks websites from tracking me and somehow I just don't like that as it just leads to more ads. I'm just sick of ads. That's why we DVR all the network shows and many cable/satellite only channels. Some channels like AMC have become impossible to watch without using your DVR. I mean it's 5 minutes of program and 10 minutes of ads! UGG!!