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Search Engine Shortcuts Opera 25

  • I'm using Opera 25 on Windows 7. I managed to import all of my search engines from Chrome into Opera 25 but none of the shortcuts work. For example, in Chrome if I type "Ctr-L" (which takes me to the Address Bar), type "ys" (my shortcut in Chrome for "") and then hit "Enter", Chrome navigates to Yahoo Sports. When I try the same thing in Opera, it uses the default search engine (google) and searches for the string "ys" instead of taking me to Yahoo Sports. The same thing happens for all of my other search engines - works fine in Chrome but not in Opera. Oddly enough, the only other one that does work in Opera is my shortcut for Ixquick (i). In Opera, typing "i" into the address bar and then hitting "Enter" takes me to Ixquick. None of the the others work.

    Any ideas?

  • OMenu > Settings > Search > Manage Search Engines

    Check if the shortcuts are correct.

  • leocg

    I checked the shortcuts - they are correct. They don't work though. Any other ideas?

  • Any other ideas?

    Don't know. How did you added them? What happens if you change the shortcut?

  • I added some manually, others by copying them from Chrome. I tried changing the shortcuts and that didn't work. Nothing seems to work so I am stuck with the same question. Why does this work in Chrome for all of my search engines but only one of the shortcuts in Opera works? The rest of the shortcuts just get pushed into google as search strings. Makes no sense to me and I can't figure it out. I love Opera but this one problem will push me back to Chrome - I use the shortcuts all the time.

  • The problem happens with both the manually added ones and the copied ones ?

    Try renaming the "web data" files and add the search engines again to see if it works.

  • Thanks for trying but that doesn't work either. I have tried everything and will just give up and go back to Chrome. Not worth wasting any more time over.

  • Is there a way to change the shortcuts of the standard search engines?

    I used to use D for Discogs for years (and still using it with opera 12.17), but with Opera 26 DuckDuckGo is using this shortcut and I had to change the Discogs-shortcut.

  • Hi @murxx, try this solution - except that if you have Opera 26.0.1656.32, then you need to navigate to the 26.0.1656.32/resources subdir, and after you relaunch the Opera, go to the, and right click on the Discogs' search field, and then select "Create search engine" from the context menu, and press "Create" button 😉

    You should be aware that you need to repeat this workaround, each time after you update the Opera (in the subdir for the latest version).

  • or trying to edit this file messes something up, so that it becomes not usable for opera .. cough 😉