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Opera 26 disable automatic download-restart?

  • Hello, Opera names download-files with "x.opdownload" and renames them (deletes the extension) after successful download.
    Sadly, scince Opera 26, opera deletes the file if it cant be renamed, for example, if the file is already used by another programm, for example a video file in VLC.
    Now i would like to disable automatic download-restart or at least not delete the file i just downloaded(rename new download with e.g."x(1)").
    Any suggestions?

  • Any suggestions?

    Don't open the file before the download has finished? 🙂

  • Still no way to disable automatic download restart in Opera 27. Strangly with some bigger files Opera doesnt delete the just downloaded file. But small mp4 files get deleted. Guess i have to put this in the Suggestion Forum? ...or use Firefuck again 😞

  • I solved that problem by installing a third party download manager. By passing opera's built in download manager all together. Flareget retains the proper extension name from the beginning. On flareget, first run, click on the "opera 15+ button to download an extension that it needs. Once done go to settings of flareget and switch the integration setting to google chrome. A check mark alone by opera, I found out, doesn't capture the download by flareget, opera's default one still does. Just leave opera unchecked. Once the switch is made, flareget works like a charm.

  • Okay, not totally like a charm! Video files yes. Just tried mp3 download. Opera's downloader wanted to download it. Guess for that I would have to copy & paste mp3 link, in this case, into flareget. Will try more testing.

  • As has been stated, wait for the download to finish before trying to use it for something and you shouldn't have a problem.

  • Just wait until its finished? Give me 100Mbit download and i have no problem, but this is just inconvenient. Chrome and Firefox just stop the download and notice me that something went wrong, but doing something in advance(restarting the download), that i as a user, never approved,and cant even turn off, seems wrong to me.
    I think Opera needs to enhance their downloadmanager.

  • This is still an issue. I don't see a reason why you have to wait for the file to download completely.
    If it is a streamable format, it should be accessible right away, typically videos and music.

    E.g. I start downloading a movie, start watching it and in the middle of the movie the download finishes. Opera cannot rename the file (it is blocked by the player), so it starts downloading again (deleting all progress). This really sucks!