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  • I want to change my Opera account username to my usual username on other sites. How can I do this?

  • Does your email provider issue aliases? If so, just open a new account using an alias email.

  • Hi, Steve! So many light years!..
    The question was if a user could change his/her current account's username, if I understood correctly*:sherlock:*

  • With a post count of a grand total of 1 and a registration date of less than a few hours old, I'd say it would be quicker and easier just to create another account using the new username that you wish to. [Shruggs]

  • My thoughts as well ... when you have no history besides this question, there's no real difference between registering again and just ignoring the old user name versus actually changing it.

  • As I'm Russian, I can see the username is read "hacktus".
    Just so you know.

    I guess the thread stays - one thing a certain user, another thing is the question.

  • So... If you think that I can't have a good reason, then I must explain.
    There is some facts why I want change username instead of creating new account:

    • This account was registered many years ago. I think registration date was broken after "my opera" was closed and then was set when I updated profile for using new Opera Sync in Opera Dev
    • I have a lot of data in old version of Opera Sync - Opera Link. So I want to retrieve it when developers will make some sort of migration for end-user.
    • I have extension named "Point+" on this account in Opera Extensions repository.
    • I don't want to see my old temporary nickname in the network anymore

    I think these reasons are enough to close second question and return to the first: can I somehow change my username?

    The question was if a user could change his/her current account's username, if I understood correctly

    Not at all. I consider the option to write to the support. But I though it would be good to write question here at first.

    I can see the username is read "hacktus".

    Так и есть 🙂 Старый временный ник.

    Thank you.

  • The short answer is no. We provide no easy way to do this and the current system was not designed for usernames to be changed on the fly.

    A handful of employees have had their usernames changed at one point or another (five years back I was ruaric) but this is not without problems. My colleague aeyoun had no end of problems when he had it done. Then again, I encountered no problems whatsoever.

  • Can I write to the support asking to move my data to the new account?

  • ...Or we could have screennames - like we did on MyOpera...

  • ...Or we could have screennames - like we did on MyOpera...

    Sounds like a sort of solution. But I think nobody will make this feature.

  • Wonderful...SO...all of my old account data (sync) is gone...but my primary email address is still tied to this username I DON'T want.

    The username can't be changed, and if I understand correctly, my email address will not be permitted to be used for a new account, even after the account is FULLY deleted (3 week inactive 'hold' has expired).

    If that's correctcorrect, then I'm stuck with either a username I don't want, or having to permanently use a different email.

    Is that REALLY correct?

  • I want to change my user name is Ballav Muduli.but user name relates to my x Girlfriend and I don't her name to be remember.
    can I reset my username??

  • It's not possible to change username.