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  • Im a user of opera for about 5 years, every new version, has some adventage and disadvantages...but this 26 version is so so terrible ... first of all...ther is no side bar, which helps, and speed up the usage of browser...for example, moving between bookmarsk and history, deleting the history and etc., second of all..the mouse gestures has been change, you cant open the new tab by moving down and up...those are the fundamentals of opera, and should be allways inculded in new versions....and now i discover that flah player dosent work , and u need to download a different kind of flash..., while the competition players works on html5....the 27..should be better--back the gestures, and sidebar, please !!!

  • Unfortunately, you seem unaware of all the versions that have intervened between the last Opera version with side bars (v12.1x) and Opera 26 (there have been 12 of these, including v26). The changes you note in v26 did not suddenly pop on the scene with that version. Actually, things changed even more radically back with version 15, which represented a complete redesign of Opera around a different rendering engine. Different engine architectures mean different barriers to things that can be readily done or not done. Since v15, Opera has included a variety of improvements to the browser, and more will undoubtedly be forthcoming in future versions. However, many aspects of "old" Opera will never reappear as they were before... the new architecture is too different, the designers are too busy with other priorities, and/or the new target market for Opera browser usage is believed to not want/need those features/functionalities (at least in the forms they were in "old" Opera).

    In any case, browser suggestions/requests should be submitted in the Opera forum dedicated to that purpose:

  • I'm not aware of any plans for the sidebar - Opera 27 is already in public testing, so I know it won't be there, but they have not indicated any plans for it in the future either. No idea on gesture plans though. I gather you used to use some 12.xx version?

  • A Sidebar which is seperate is not be implemented in Chromium since over 4 years. Dont wait for it. Chromium devs will never add it 😞

  • thats sad what u writing and there is now hope , for useful engine, new architecture, the forcecomming changes i understand , time is unbeatin, but the browser should be as easy and as fast in use as can be..and now one tell me that the sidebar(left panel) or every mouse gestures have slow down the use of opera.