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  • I gave a second chance to new opera on os x and I'm having a lot of problems.
    There is no way to edit or remove default search engines. However I found that browser determine from where you are so it automatically set you some localisation including search engines and some speed dial examples. Found online that file which defines it is located in opera version folder /Resources called default_partner_content.json. Editing this file could cause opera to start without your settings and with only one (safe mode) search engine and that one is, and so this could be fine if you could set your search engine to be default instead of But you can't! with some more investigation a found that when I changed the file it changed the hash and the file CodeSignatures in folder of the same name in opera version folder contains sha1 base 64 type hash of all files inside opera version folder. I changed that too, and the next thing is that now this file has another sha1 hash. If you look two folders up you could find another CodeSignatures folder with the same named file inside which contains all hash info for files till opera version folder. And I changed there hash info for the CodeSignatures first I mentioned before. All it would be done , someone could think but If you start opera again it shows only google (safe mode I suppose) .

    I'm having difficulties using wikipedia search because it searches on my native language and results are incomplete. Any help would be great!

  • As New Opera currently stands, there's no way to alter the default search engine and make it stick. Ostensibly, it's to prevent malware from hijacking the browser's search engine and redirect it to a malicious one; at the same time, it probably doesn't hurt Opera's click-count royalties flowing from the 'sponsored' search engine either. Regardless, until Opera reaches a point where developers change the designed-in behavior, you're largely stuck with it. Trying to play with various files creates the constantly-changing "sha1-hell" you've described, followed by Opera reverting to a default file... again, a protective measure to prevent malware from tampering with files and for the installation to protect itself against corrupted files.

  • I found a solution: Just removing the file default_partner_content.json completely and adding the search engines that you want manually will do the trick.

  • wow, the forum stole the underscores in the filename o_O

  • What about the Wikipedia question, Blackbird? Can one change the location?

  • I found a solution: Just removing the file defaultpartnercontent.json completely and adding the search engines that you want manually will do the trick.

    Just don't forget that you probably will need to do it again on the next update.

  • wow, the forum stole the underscores in the filename o_O

    A feature of Markdown, which is used on this forum. The underscores are for emphasis—why the emphasis does not display on the forum when underscores are used, I don't know. In any case, I edited your comment slightly and escaped them for you.

    P.S. As a side note, Markdown allows you to use HTML tags directly. So if you want/need emphasis you can still do it via the <i> tag. We filter out many HTML tags to prevent craziness but these are allowed through.