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  • I've a large collection of .mht files I saved using Opera 12, now I decided that is time for new and find that the

    new 25 and 26 version are usable also for me (I hated the miss of some finction that were on the 12 version)

    but I've a problem to solve, if I disinstall the 12 version I'm not able to open the .mht files

    if I reinstall the 12 version I can open the .mht file with both version, 12 and 26 ????

    What happen ? Can I disinstall the old 12 version or I'm obliged to have it still on the PC ?



  • What happens when you try to open a mht file with Opera 26?

  • Opera 26 can save pages as mhtml, too, so it's highly unlikely that it can't read them.
    But maybe this ability is hidden along the flag for saving. Enable opera://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml to try :sherlock:

  • I commonly save pages in .html format with Opera 26 and all is fine

    this last days if I try to open a .mht file without Opera 12 on the PC the file refused to open

    I verified that if I've Opera 12 installed I can open the file with both versions 12 and 26

    Now I've just disinstalled Opera 12 and all seems fine, and Opera 26 opens the .mht file without

    problems but I've not jet restarted the PC after the disinstallation of Opera 12

    when I can restart the PC I'll try what happen and post the result


  • Well I've restarted the PC and now with only Opera 26 installed I'm not able to open the .mht file

    if I try to open one a list of the folders of my PC appears


    HELP !


  • Ah, I know what your problem is. Opera is no longer associated with the .mht file format. This is easily corrected. Right click the file and go to "Open With" and then "Choose Default Program". Find Opera, either in the basic list or browse for it, and select it. That should fix the issue.

    Just to be clear this isn't really a problem with Opera, its a Windows issue. Kind of a basic one too.

  • Thanks, I agree, isn't strictly an Opera 26 problem

    I do nothing ad today Opera 26 open the .mht files (without any forced association)

    yesterday the .mht files didn't open if there was only Opera 26 installed



  • MHT-saving/-opening are still working.
    So switching mht-flag (opera://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml) does.

    Delish. Practish. Good.

  • I begin to HATE the fact that Opera 26 one day opens .mht files and the day after, without any change on settings, it doesn't open .mht files any more



    My interface is in italian and I'm not able to find where to set the mht-flag (opera://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml) ????

  • Oh, may be I didn't say this clear, I haven't problems on saving pages (I save it every day with no problems in .html format

    My problem happens when I want to open pages in .mht format that I saved with previous versions of Opera


  • I've just reinstalled Opera 12.16 64bit and now I can open .mht files clikking on it, if I click on a .mht file Opera 12 start and the file is open, if I try to force to open the file with Opera 26 it doesn't open and only a list of folder names

    Ah, I know what your problem is. Opera is no longer associated with the .mht file format. This is easily corrected. >>>Right click the file and go to "Open With" and then "Choose Default Program".

    I tried this many times, NO EFFECT AT ALL


  • Well Opera 26 seems to load my old .mht files saved with Firefox correctly. I tried right-click, open with, choose Opera from the list and the file loads properly.
    Also, you can change the .mht to .mhtml and it will load into Opera 26.
    The BIG problem is that Opera 26 doest't save web pages in either "Web page complete" or "Single page" mode!
    If you save a page in "single page" mode, the file will not have the page graphics saved in it and if you save in "web page complete", the file will load into FF or IE but the it is just some html text and nothing else. It does save the graphics in a subdirectory but the pointers in the html file never find them.
    Too bad. This makes this browser totally unusable. I can't work without being able to save & retrieve complete web pages.
    Not ready for prime time!

  • No way to open .mht files saved with old versions of Opera with the latest versions (also Opera 27 didn't open it)

    renaming the dile from .mht in .mhtml has no effect and the file didn't open in Opera 27

  • @kagliostro

    No way to open .mht files saved with old versions of Opera with the latest versions (also Opera 27 didn't open it)

    Can confirm this.

  • Strange. It works totally fine over here with both mht and mhtml. (flag enabled if that matters)
    What happens if you right-click a file, select "open with..." -> "choose default program" and select Opera there? (Windows that is)

  • SO how do you open an mht or mhtml file FROM WITHIN Opera 27??

    In Opera 12, there is a File menu with "Open" as an option. I do not see anywhere in Opera 27 where you can open a file without going to the File Explorer in Windows 7.

  • May be I didn't explained me correctly

    I've a lot of old .mht files saved with the old version of Opera

    if I click on one of this file Opera 27 starts but isn't able to open those old .mht files, instead of the file a list of directories is shown

    if I install on the PC with Opera 27 also Opera 12 and then I click on a .mht file Opera 12 automatically statrs and the file is correctly opened

    if I've both Opera 27 and 12 installed and I right click on a .mht file and try to open it forcing Opera 27 to be used to open the file, the file isn't opened and appers a list of directories

    As version of Java I've always the latest version in 32 and 64 bit installed (toghether, at the same time on the PC)


  • I did get you before. It's working over here. Opera 28 opens mhtml files saved with Opera 12 just fine. (Win 10)

    Again, try to enable the flag. Paste opera://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml into your address bar, press Enter and enable it.

  • I've downloaded and installed Opera 28, then I enabled the flag save-page-as-mhtml, closed the Opera 28, right clikked on

    a .mht file and selected open with Opera 28 ..... no way to have the file open, only a directory list appears

    also now if I rightclick on a .mht file and select open with Opera 12 all is fine and the file opens correctly

    I would like to disinstall the old Opera 12 but seems that there is no way, if I want to have access to my old .mht files


  • Oh, I forgot to point your attention to the fact that I need to open old .mht files, not .mhtml files