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  • In the new Opera 26, is there any way to make it so when I go to my bookmarks they default to display as a list, instead of large icons?

    Also, is there ANY way to be able to have the Bookmarks folder show up on a tab when opening Opera, for instance, in 12.17 there is ALWAYS a "Bookmarks" at the top of the page, I know there is no way to enable THAT, but how about an easily accessible Bookmarks tab so I don't have to go through 3 or 4 click just to get to the bookmarks folder.

    Or better yet, is there a way to have my entire imported bookmark list show on the Bookmark bar, so I can just one click it and see them all, like in 12.17??

    Also, how do I access the Opera preference page?


  • Click on this button. For preference go to O-menu > settings.

  • I'm using version 27, which is the Dev channel release, and it has a full bookmarks menu in the O menu. I don't know if its present in version 26 but it is in the pipe, so its coming. It also has an option to display the bookmarks as a list when you are using the bookmarks webpage. Its just to the left of the search bar.

    As for opening on your bookmarks page its super easy. Go into options and look for "On startup". From there check the "Open a specific page or set of pages" button and set the bookmarks page as a page you would like to open.

    For your bookmarks bar just add a folder to it and put whatever bookmarks you want into it. When you click the folder they will show up as a list.

    There are three ways I know of to get into settings: O menu > Settings, Alt+P and Ctrl+F12.

    Again, I'm using version 27 so YMMV.

  • 1, yes the Bookmarks DOES appear in the O top left menu, but then I have to Click on Bookmarks, then click on Imported Bookmarks, then click on Bookmarks Imported From Opera, then do I get to where I want to be. I want that Bookmarks Imported From Opera to be accessible in one click from a Tab or somewhere at the top of Opera

    Setting my Imported Bookmarks page as a Startup page doesn't work here. And even if it did, I would have to go back to that page when I am on another page.

    When I am on my Bookmarks Imported from Opera, the Add To Bookmarks Bar does not work either. How would I import ALL of my Bookmarks Imported from Opera 12.17 into a new tab, without having to do it one by one.

    Also, is there no setting that will make my bookmarks appear as a list the default, instead of those HUGE icons?? Yes there 2 icons to the left of the Bookmarks, one for Tiles, the Other for Lists, but there is no way to save a default (now the default is ALWAYS tiles) so I don't have to click the list icon each time I open Opera

    Thanks again for the answer, slowly but sure, I am being convinced to keep O 26, but I am not there yet.


  • I want that Bookmarks Imported From Opera to be accessible in one click from a Tab or somewhere at the top of Opera

    Can't you move them to another place, like "unsorted bookmarks"?

  • I used to lie the bookmarkes tabs in opera 12.17 better. To say in in other words. The new bookmark tabs in opera 25.0 suck big time. They are not clear to me at all. Very uneasy to work with.
    Hope they change it back in the next version 'cause i don't like this at all....

  • but there is no way to save a default

    Works fine for me. It always sticks to what I last used on that folder. Some of my folders are icons and some lists.

    As stated you should be moving your imported bookmarks out of the imported folders and place them in their own folders. When I open my bookmarks it jumps to unsorted bookmarks (bookmarks that aren't in folders) by default. From there every folder is just a click away.

    As for adding stuff to the bookmarks bar, yeah, you have to do it manually right now. You can add folders to it but theres no way that I can see to move stuff into it. Its probably coming though.

  • I totally understand what you are saying. do you get to the unsorted bookmarks with one click?? All of my I(mported Bookmarks ARE in their own folders, and I want to be able to SIMPLY with just ONE click open a folder that includes all of my Imported Bookmarks which ARE in folders.

    In Opera 12.17, there is a Bookmarks at the top "File Edit View Bookmarks etc" I can click the Bookmarks there and voila there are ALL of my Opera bookmarks in folders. Why has it been SO difficult for the Opera developers to grok this concept, a user of a browser wants it to be USER friendly, why must I crawl through hoops to SIMPLY get to my Bookmarks??

  • You may suggest this in the 'Suggestion box', though I could assume they still might consider elaborating user-handling of bookmarks in near future: it's not ready yet if there'll be just "Bookmarks" or "My bookmarks", so which button should it be? "Bookmarks" or "My bookmarks"?

    For now, you can try checking if "Ctrl B" works*:sherlock:*

  • Ok, I simply found an addon that manages Bookmarks, and with it I enabled my Imported Bookmarks (renamed Bookmarks) to be the first tab on my Bookmarks Bar.