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Older Opera if Focus panel, "mail" is focus to Unread, what to set if fouse to Received ?

  • Hello,

    I am using some sort of keyboard/Mouse commmand to focus to the mail panel after a few actions.

    The command is like : send queued mail & Delay, 1000 & Focus panel, "mail"

    I Found is it okay to focus to the ' UNREAD '.

    If I want to change to focus to the ' RECEIVED ', what would be the setting please ?

    Thank you

  • The panel has no distinction. You want to use Read mail, n where n is a number corresponding to the view you want to focus. If you want to read some strange view you'd have to look it up in index.ini (in your mail root directory), but unread is 1 and received is 2.

  • Thanks

    Did you mean if I am to use the below for focus RECEIVE:

    send queued mail & Delay, 1000 & Focus panel, "mail, 1"


    send queued mail & Delay, 1000 & Focus panel, "mail 1"


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