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How do I set up Yahoo mail in Opera

  • How do I set up Opera for a Yahoo POP3 account? This is a basic question, I'm sorry if I should have found it in the Help etc but I couldn't.

    I've tried importing the settings from Thunderbird but they do not work in or out in Opera. I've looked up the settings on Yahoo, but they refer to things like "SSL" which is not obviously an option for Opera. I cannot make it work, it's very frustrating!

    Many thanks


  • Usually it's with port 993.

    Make sure secure connection is enabled.

  • Opera knows which mail servers and which SSL/TLS and which Port is needed.

    Create a account:

    1. Open Opera button menue with the Alt key
    2. Mail and Chat accounts
    3. Confirm you eant to creat a account with Yes
    4. Select Email
    5. Hit Next
    6. Enter complete Realname, complete mail address (
    7. Hit Next
    8. Dont change Username, and enter Password
    9. Select Regular Email (POP)
    10. Hit Finish
  • But as a side note, you may have to upgrade your Yahoo Mail account to a paid account (if you haven't already), as the free account is not guaranteed to work via a (any) desktop mail client. It may work, or it may not.

  • Thanks Angiesdom! - worked great - the one thing I hadn't tried ie set it up by not setting anything up! (It puts itself on port 993 with "auto - plaintext" authentication.)

    Slight problem is that it starts to download several thousand emails (which have already been downloaded into Thunderbird). Is there a way to stop it from doing that? I guess I can let it run and then delete them all, but that is slow.

  • No, too late, it already downloaded them all while I was writing the previous post about how slow it would be! So NOW the question is, is there a way to search by date? It's not obvious, but maybe it is just very clever, or a regexp or something.

  • is there a way to search by date?

    Not as far as I know, in all the years I have been using M2, now Opera Mail.

    You can sort by (sent) date by clicking the header of the 'Sent' date column, which may make finding particular messages easier.