Can't create Speed Dial Folders/Groups

  • Having trouble creating groups for the speed dial. It doesn't work dragging them onto each other anymore to make folders and can't find the option to add all open tabs into a group, does anyone know if this has actually been removed or it isn't working properly or there is another option I can use for this?

    I found another thread asking about this but their solution was that they weren't dropping it onto the right place. I guess that could still be the problem but after several thousand attempts I doubt it

  • Go to the about page and check the version, then report back here with what it says.

  • Right-click on a tab, it is the last item in the context menu.

    If you hold the thumbnail over a folder long enough, the folder should open on its own. Not really significant there, but if it does open make sure you drop it inside the folder and not off the sides.

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