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  • Hi folks, when I make tabs in Opera Android, whether I'm on a tablet and, especially, on my phone, the entire page reloads as if I had just selected the link when I move back from one tab to another, even though the page was already loaded in the tab. Not only does it waste time, but it will not return to the position of the page I may have scrolled down to. This is REALLY annoying, especially if I have a limited signal. It essentially negates having tabs in the first place.

    Is there any way to stop pages from reloading? Thanks for any help with this.

  • Do you have root on all devices?

  • I have root on the tablet,I can't root the phone at this time. There's no setting in Opera to stop this? Thanks.

  • I am incline to think it could be an Android problem/function, possibly happening because you (your tablet/phone) maybe running low on RAM, and heavy pages are being flushed from memory to make space for the tab/s you are loading or switching to ?.

  • It depends on how much memory the device has. This has been especially reported with people who switch to another application then come back to Opera, but by the same token if several tabs are open Opera may have to flush the data from one tab to process another. (And by memory I don't mean Flash memory, I mean working memory or RAM in computer terms.)

  • Nope, it's like test case (Chrome 14 issue 91000). Check a button + learn more and another link, now via click back you are on the very same page.
    Workaround: with AdFree already installed (root required) check 'Local Webserver' using IP. Check again netgear via click back, it's working. Double tap on back button should be enough without any workaround, btw.

  • I dont think is android problem or ram problem.. This setings is like by default.. Old opera presto didn't have this problem worked fine with lots of tabs.. This opera should work minimum 3 tabs with not reloading..

  • Android 100%. In fact Android default browser is more prone to this bug. For me it's easy to test this behaviour on site (click on any movie) when at times I can't go back on front page via click back.