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Open letter

  • Now you're expecting too much. Opera has a browser, but a large number of people want a Presto clone. Vivaldi has ... well, nothing. There are people there (and here, from what I've seen) disappointed that Vivaldi is taking so long; but as they haven't even confirmed that they are making a browser it is harder to be critical of them.

    Put another way ... Opera is famous for "When it's ready". The Presto fans look at any post-15 version and say "This wasn't ready." They can accept that Vivaldi wasn't ready as a reason for why it isn't there. Or at least, that's how it looks to me.

  • This is my take: Jon isn't going to risk his small fortune on employing a group of former Opera engineers to develop yet another browser (i.e. a Presto clone). There wouldn't be enough interest to make it a viable contender and he would never be able to muster enough financial support to make it worthwhile. Even at its height, Presto was only used by a relatively small group of users worldwide. Have you looked at MS's new numbers? Currently they are rated as the second most valuable company in the world right after Apple. They had a phenomenal last quarter and things are looking very good for them with the imminent release of Windows 10. There is talk of a new IE browser that will integrate many of the features of IE Modern and IE desktop but time will tell. The new Firefox is also a beautiful piece of engineering and given the number of people who write for this open-source browser, it will only get better. It's easy to dismiss von Tetzchner and those few geeks trying to write the Otter browser since there would be practically no support from a user base and certainly very limited financial support. It's not going to happen (in my opinion) and no doubt this is why Jon has remained silent for months on end. I'm not trying to be negative... I'm a realist.

  • It's another century, people's wants have changed/developed, technical environment has changed, concepts shifted.
    However good Opera Presto was/has been/might be, the river's flown and reincarnating the once revolutionary product by a brand new.. erm.. brand might miss the target. Miss it altogether maybe...

    Well, another case is making a good browser for those "old timers" in the sense them holding to (or being unable to afford other than) their old/outdated hard/software etc...

    I can sorta speculate that the new era we now've entered could be introducing the concepts of more diversification in the programming environment - and maybe a bit more standardisation at the same time: like some lego elements - a certain core browser, highly compatible - up to universally - plug-ins and extensions, it may be that separate standalone applications for bookmarking and stuff...

  • Were the Vivaldi guys trying to write a browser? I seem to have missed that-- not a surprise because I'm only over thataway occasionally.

  • No, Michael, not as a group effort although a few of its members (i.e. ersi, Frenzie, et al) were helping with the Otter browser. There was some noise early on (rumors, really) that Jon would come up with a Presto follow-up but it appears that little in that regard has materialized. All he said early on was that there would be some surprises for us as a group. Some took that to mean a new browser. Vivaldi was first mentioned in this thread by cqoicebordel as follows: "I'm crossing my fingers (and my toes) and waiting for Vivaldi and Otter." I never introduced Vivaldi but simply followed up on his bringing it up as a possible savior of sorts. Hardly. When I last ventured over there, it appeared pretty much dead with the exception of the same few posters and the same spammers.

  • I haven't poked the Otter to see what it'll do-- if anything. Fact is, I dumped Opera after they went post-12 and dumped the community-- only back here now out of curiosity as much as anything.

    Chrome, Firefox, PaleMoon (not used much) and IE when I absolutely have to-- pretty much in that order here.

    I'm putting a bit more into the blog over by Wordpress-- maybe I'll make something out of it. The blog at Vivaldi-- not so much. I doubt that it's worth it to keep that open much longer. 2liv3--- I don't know how that place stays open. DnD shows some life, we're keeping it going.

  • Good to see you're still around. Take care.

  • P.S. "Would I use Opera if I didn't work here?" Yes, definitely!

    Can you confirm what you said, @ruario ?

  • Given that he now works "there", I don't know if he'd still say that. Then again, Vivaldi is still in the "Preview" stage. so perhaps he does. I'm actually a tester on both, and Opera is still my default browser where applicable. Well that may be stretching things ... there is no Vivaldi for Android yet, so the fact Opera is unstable on my Intel-based 2-in-1 (tablet with attachable keyboard, can be used like a laptop) and I therefore use Firefox for Android is really not germane on the whole Opera vs. Vivaldi thing. But I am posting this from Firefox, as it were.

  • When the Arab Spring reaches Opera ASA, Arabs will release Opera 13.
    That's what I'm waiting for. 🙂

  • P.S. "Would I use Opera if I didn't work here?" Yes, definitely!

    Can you confirm what you said, @ruario ?


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