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How to disable opera auto update?

  • My Opera keeps constantly auto updating to newest version (I'm using Opera 18), and when it's updated to newest version my bookmarks tab disappear and it can't be enabled again... that's why I want to keep it current version. So my question is where the hell is option to turn off autoupdate???????????? I don't see preferences anywhere in setting? Why is this Opera so much complexed? Can't they make simple things like Chrome?

  • By "simple as Chrome" you mean "fucked up like hell", right?
    It is supposed to be simple to be not able to disable auto-update.

  • The bookmarks bar is set as enabled on opera:flags?

  • No, by simple I mean by having all options at one place. Not hidden or non existent at that matter.

    And why should it be simple to be not able to disable auto update? Why would they force me against my will to use newest (bugged) version, if I don't want to? I want to stick with one that I set by my taste. Just because you are Opera fanboy, it doesn't mean Chrome is shit. I gave Opera a try few days ago, and tbh I liked it, but limiting those options to the users and forcing us to something that we don't want it just way too much.

    Ofc it is. But the bar doesn't exist at all.

  • For the masses options are not simple. At least that is the impression I get from the software developers nowadays.

    Originally posted by squickly:

    Just because you are Opera fanboy, it doesn't mean Chrome is shit.

    Right. But Chrome's lack of an disable auto-update option does mean it is on the same level as Opera Blink aka Opium which I am no fan of.

  • Yes, but aside of that one common problem, I noticed that Opera is still missing or it's really hard to find some other options that would be helpful in managing the browser by your own taste. But nevertheless, I do like Opera, because it's light and runs smooth. I renamed that auto update exe file, and I'll see if it'll keep updating again. If it does, well... I can only uninstall the newest version and install again the one I want. But since they are releasing new versions, they should give us non bugged browser (for example the issue im having with bookmarks tab, it's missing in new version). I wouldn't mind auto update at all, if the browser is working normally afterwards. I never had that problem with Chrome, it was on autoupdate, but I always had my bookmarks there and search history after the update, which is not same with Opera.

  • Hi,

    Is somebody from Opera reply to post subject :

    How to disable Opera Auto-Update, please?


  • Is somebody from Opera reply to post subject :

    This is an users' forum. Although Opera's employees may pass by eventually you should not expect answers from then.

    How to disable Opera Auto-Update, please?

    You can:

    • Rename the autoupdate file
    • Block internet access for that file
    • Create an environment variable called "OPERA_AUTOUPDATE_DISABLED" ans set it to 1
    • Add the commandline --disable-update ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe" --disable-update)
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