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Yahoo mail IMAP in M2 can I force M2 retrieve only recent mails instead of all

  • Hi There,

    If I am going to bulid a fresh new Yahoo IMAP mail account, is it possible I can force M2 pickup only mail from recent months or pick up & stop until a specific size ?

    It's because Yahoo is now unlimite & I can imagine how big my yahoo mail box is as it was since 1990's.

    Thank you!

  • By default, Opera only downloads headers from IMAP messages until you select to view them - enough to display the sender and subject in the list view. While that is still likely to be a lot, it is not near as much as if you were downloading the actual messages. Beyond that ... not really sure.

  • Beyond that ... not really sure.

    Yeh, there's not much else you can do. But, it's not too big of a deal as they're only headers to start with. One can right-click on the message list toolbar, goto customize, goto appearance, goto buttons, goto mail (or mail view) and drag the period button to that bar. That will give a per-view option to *hide* older messages (that will only have headers by default anyway).

    On the "Incoming" tab in the account's properties, one can check "do not download attachments". so that even when one clicks on a message, only the text/plain part of the message is downloaded until you right-click and choose "fetch complete message".

    One could instead enable low-bandwidth mode for the account. That will imply "do not download attachments" and will cause Opera to only sync new messages (never figured out the exact details of what that means though). Opera will still fetch the headers for all the messages (even if you leave your password blank in the new account wizard, set low-bandwidth mode after the setup is complete, restart Opera and then enter your password).

    Note though that when a message isn't fully fetched (because its attachments (including the text/html part) haven't been fetched), Opera's ability to search that message is crippled severely. So, if one has the bandwidth (for the initial download) and the hard drive space), it's best to not use low-bandwidth mode or "do not download attachments" and best to set "make all messages available offline" so that all messages are downloaded in full when their headers are sync. That way, Opera has full search capability.

  • Showing or hiding wasn't what he said the issue was - he didn't want to download 50,000 (or whatever) messages.

    If the people you correspond with write long responses, quote full messages, or attach large files - or use HTML rather than simple text - the headers will be small compared to the messages themselves. If they only write a line or two of simple text, the headers may actually be most of the message.

  • Showing or hiding wasn't what he said the issue was

    Yep. Was just providing some extra info there.

  • Thanks to all of you and yes, I do not want Opeara to bear such a great job to donwloading Yahoo mail since 1990's. Somtime if download fail during in the middle of time if will have problem in the Opera M............... I guess......

    This is why I was thinking in the account seeting have some sort of ways ( which obvious not as I can see now ) to control the number of mails of period of time of the IMAP email downloading.

    Thank you