Opera Turbo, Version 2

  • I tried enabling this and my bandwidth usage went up dramatically. I did not find a reason for the increased traffic, but it seems counter to the purpose of Turbo and definitely has a negative impact on my metered connection.

    Was this just a coincidence or is Turbo doing something in the background that needs to be stopped?


  • Which Opera are you using?

  • Latest build (25.0.1614.68) downloaded today, although I first noticed this with a previous version, 23 I think. I was hoping this had been fixed but it's as bad as ever.

    To test this after I posted here, I opened a new connection and launched TCPview. After a period of normal activity during which I had logged about 10MB of "received" data, I suddenly saw my usage start climbing for no reason. I pulled the plug when it shot up to over 60MB. The guilty remote address is identified as: global-turbo2-Ivs-hopper.opera-mini.net

    Screenshot here: http://www.howardowen.net/img/s5/v131/p22105396-6.jpg

    So I've reverted back to the old Turbo which knows how to behave itself. My data cap can't stand unexplained and unjustified reception of meaningless data that doesn't even turn up when I search my drives. What is Turbo downloading, where is it going and why?

  • Media files from player, sometimes pause button is not enough. I've seen that on Android using Firefox via Opera Max VPN so by a long shot the issue could be the same.

  • I guess it's possible, but it seems unlikely. I don't recall being on a site that would have been steaming any media (if I understand your meaning). Plus, when using Turbo, media files are not supposed to play automatically -- Adobe Flash Player is blocked until you select to run it, for example. Or is this the pause you're talking about?

    Whatever the case, Turbo 2 is not usable for me as long as this behavior continues.

  • Filed a bug report.

  • You should note that Turbo version 2 is just an experiment and just may not be working yet.

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