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Opera Mini 9.2 for iOS [update]

  • If u could help me i do need the old version layout u really made agreat mistake integrating both versions and removing old layout which was the best latyout in both ios and android market if u could me

    I need to download version 7 of opera mini
    I cant find it how could i do that ?

  • hi can anyone reply

  • hi can anyone reply

    It seems that no one knows how to help you. Or maybe there isn't a way to do what you want.

  • of course there is but this forums isnt active

  • @sinfulslave, the first problem is about Android and this topic is about iOS. I also ask you to use punctuation in your comments - it's much easier to read and understand what you mean. We can help you only if we understand what is the problem.
    As for Opera Mini 7, unfortunately I can't provide you a link as the only distribution channel of Opera Mini for iOS is App Store, and I'm afraid I would break the rules.

  • Hi,
    I wonder if any body has same problem as me. I tried to google it but I found nothing.
    If I try to log on sites (forums, webmails, etc...) it is not working. I simply fill up the name, password and send the form but then the page just reload itself and I see empty form again. Should I report a bug?
    It happens only with my iPhone 5C. Opera Mini on my iPad Mini works fine.
    Opera Mini version:
    iOS version: 8.1.2
    I have same version of iOS and Opera Mini on both devices.

  • @asangala, please fill a bug report form on Please provide websites on which it doesn't work and whether you have Opera Mini mode, Turbo or no compression.

  • Hi again,
    Sorry. Login in on websites was not working because I had disabled cookies. Ups.

  • thank u then u cant give me old version,
    what if i or we dont like that new layout ?
    i need old layout of opera ?
    at least put an option for that take this as advice feedback what ever

  • hie l wish to install opera mini on ipad 1 is it possible?

  • this version supports flexbox?

  • @cafekoma, yes, in Opera Turbo mode or with compression disabled it supports the same standards as Safari does. In Opera Mini mode, flexbox is not supported.

  • There is a small issue. Background: I live in Moscow and we have free WiFi in subway. When you connect to it and open any site, you get redirected to auth page. I've a habit to use the same bookmark every time to get to this page. However after several connections Opera decides to redirect me to the auth page always when I click this bookmark, even if I'm not connected to any WiFi spot. Solution is to open this site once using the address bar, but this is kinda strange.

  • Opera Mini is great but will a future version offer better security features, for example (taken from Mobile Safari) Do Not Track, Fraudulent Website Warning and more options for cookies like block 3rd party cookies?? I am interested in the upcoming sync feature and would use it as my main browser but these are my main concerns with the current browser.