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Opera Mini 9.2 for iOS [update]

  • I have something i would like to say u know we like to open multiple tabs and for me i sometimes open 15 tab and over ur opera mini pages stop preloading and shows me error link because of 2g weak signal nd the low capability of ram and cpu processing and i faced that a lot on opera android and made post for that
    To overcome such prob i have to stop and reload all pages separately in opera android i make that so easily n this i cant do that and its quite hard and annoying so why dont us add the option to change reload button and put in n the way we like and listen to me for once

  • I'm using Opera Mini version on ios 8.1.2 and the text wrap feature does not work. I previously used Opera for Android on a Galaxy SIII and it worked flawlessly. IMO text wrap is by far Opera's best feature. Has anyone else had issues with text wrap and found a solution? Thanks in advance.

  • @whiskeytangodelta, could you please describe what you do to see if it works? Do you have problems on all sites or only on specific ones?

  • If u could help me i do need the old version layout u really made agreat mistake integrating both versions and removing old layout which was the best latyout in both ios and android market if u could me

    I need to download version 7 of opera mini
    I cant find it how could i do that ?

  • hi can anyone reply

  • hi can anyone reply

    It seems that no one knows how to help you. Or maybe there isn't a way to do what you want.

  • of course there is but this forums isnt active

  • @sinfulslave, the first problem is about Android and this topic is about iOS. I also ask you to use punctuation in your comments - it's much easier to read and understand what you mean. We can help you only if we understand what is the problem.
    As for Opera Mini 7, unfortunately I can't provide you a link as the only distribution channel of Opera Mini for iOS is App Store, and I'm afraid I would break the rules.

  • Hi,
    I wonder if any body has same problem as me. I tried to google it but I found nothing.
    If I try to log on sites (forums, webmails, etc...) it is not working. I simply fill up the name, password and send the form but then the page just reload itself and I see empty form again. Should I report a bug?
    It happens only with my iPhone 5C. Opera Mini on my iPad Mini works fine.
    Opera Mini version:
    iOS version: 8.1.2
    I have same version of iOS and Opera Mini on both devices.

  • @asangala, please fill a bug report form on Please provide websites on which it doesn't work and whether you have Opera Mini mode, Turbo or no compression.

  • Hi again,
    Sorry. Login in on websites was not working because I had disabled cookies. Ups.

  • thank u then u cant give me old version,
    what if i or we dont like that new layout ?
    i need old layout of opera ?
    at least put an option for that take this as advice feedback what ever

  • hie l wish to install opera mini on ipad 1 is it possible?

  • this version supports flexbox?

  • @cafekoma, yes, in Opera Turbo mode or with compression disabled it supports the same standards as Safari does. In Opera Mini mode, flexbox is not supported.

  • There is a small issue. Background: I live in Moscow and we have free WiFi in subway. When you connect to it and open any site, you get redirected to auth page. I've a habit to use the same bookmark every time to get to this page. However after several connections Opera decides to redirect me to the auth page always when I click this bookmark, even if I'm not connected to any WiFi spot. Solution is to open this site once using the address bar, but this is kinda strange.

  • Opera Mini is great but will a future version offer better security features, for example (taken from Mobile Safari) Do Not Track, Fraudulent Website Warning and more options for cookies like block 3rd party cookies?? I am interested in the upcoming sync feature and would use it as my main browser but these are my main concerns with the current browser.