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  • I always used Opera up until version 12.17 and the I went to Firefox. I have decided to give Opera another try and it all went wrong.
    I lost all my customisation, settings, style etc. and I didn't have a clue how to get them into the new version 25. When I used to update Opera all my settings went with it.

    Fortunately I still have my old Opera 12.17 and wondered if there were any problems carrying on using it or is there a way to make version 25 look and behave like 12.17.

    Thenak you

  • You can use until it won't be compatible with any site. Opera 25 has bookmarks if you need that.

  • Opera 25 is a new browser, not exactly an update.

  • Why not consider running two separate versions of Opera: 12.17 with which you're familiar and in a separate folder Opera 25... just to keep an eye on its development. As Leo posted, Opera 25 is an entirely new browser unlike the now discontinued Opera Presto. Features are slowly being returned to Opera 25 (Opera Blink if you will) so at this juncture, you cannot make it look and act exactly as Opera 12.

  • Saying Opera 25 has bookmarks is a bit generous. I keep trying out Opera as would love to come back to it but how the heck a modern browser can do bookmarks this badly this late in the game is a mystery to me. Such a basic but crucial feature that's essentially missing.

  • I have no problem with the bookmark extensions and the folders on speed dial but my needs are relatively modest. I guess we're all different. From studies done by Opera prior to the beginning of the development of Opera Blink, the majority of users polled did not care about bookmarks. I suppose much of this can be explained by modern search engines. I have to admit to rarely needing bookmarks outside of the few dozen I employ on the extension and the dozen or so frequently visited sites I bookmark with my speed dial.

  • Hi there! I absolutely down because the Opera 25 is almost equal with chrome. The previous versions have all the good settings, and that is because I use Opera in the almost 10 years... But now, this new browser is like a crap. No settings, no customization, just the tile-style. Where are the bookmarks gone? You said there is in, which is ok and I know it but there is always disappears or I need to open a new bookmark tab to find what I want. This method is absolutely slower. You said we are not the same, and it is true and this is because we want the customization back! That is Opera was the best browser! This was the easy way to use your favorites >>

  • Not sure what version of Opera people are using here but Opera 25 does have a bookmarks feature (although nowhere near complete). Anyway, lets not turn this post into yet another rant about bringing back Opera 12 features.