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Site development problem with Opera 12.16 on Windows

  • Hi, I have a page on a site I am developing,, that looks fine on Firefox, Chrome, Rekong, and Opera on Linux and it works fine on Chrome, Firefox, and IE on Windows 7. However, on two different computers I have tried, both running Windows 7, the page does not display correctly on Opera 12.16. I have not tried it on a Mac. There seems to be some default style setting that is overriding my CSS but just on Windows. Can anybody give me a clue as to what might be going on?

  • FYI, it might be better to change your thread title to something a bit more accurate such as "Site development problem for Opera 12 on Windows" or something like that. As it presently reads, it seems as if you have a problem visiting some website out on the Internet with Opera 12. A more accurate title may get you more attention from those readers who are expert at coding sites - which, unfortunately, I'm not.

  • Good point. Title has been changed.

  • Barring that my default fonts in 12.16 are smaller than in 19, I can't really see a difference between the two. What difference(s) are you seeing?

  • I have fixed the errors and I am still seeing problems however it is somewhat improved. I will look into my css some more.

  • I tried the tmp profile as above on my linux computer and it then had the same behavior as the windows version. The text for the addresses is moved over to the right with a left margin of about 500px and the google map is only showing a small strip to the right of the text.

  • I found a few changes in my css that fixed the problems. The text area was floating left but was not clearing the nav div. I added a "clear: both" to the addresses div and added some bottom margin to the nav div. That seems to have eliminated the problems. I now need to check with the various browsers to make sure everything is OK across the board.