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Opera 12 and 18 - videos, tab stacking and other functions question

  • First of all let me say that I LOVE Opera v12. It's the best browser I've ever had and I persuaded every one of my friends to start using it as well, because spreading the love is just what I do.
    However, this version of Opera doesn't support some vital functions anymore, making things like watching videos online impossible. So, I downloaded the Opera 15 when it came out, felt horrified, went back, then repeat the process with Opera 18.
    What I need to know is this:
    Is there ANY way to have the perfect browser Opera once was (with all the amazing features like tab stacking - the BEST thing I've ever seen in any browser, fast access, bookmarks system, and so on) and still be able to do what normal people do - like wasting time on YouTube?
    Or do I have to choose between tab stacking and watching mantis shrimps documents?
    Any and all replies will be welcomed with eternal e-gratitude!

  • Opera 15+ does not have tab stacking and there is no indication that it will come back in a near future.

    For bookmareks you can use the bookmarks bar (Opera 18+) or an extension.

  • Originally posted by chrisosemrik:

    do I have to choose between tab stacking and watching mantis shrimps documents?

    Use an old version of Opera, right-click and use Open With when you want to waste your time watching videos (or doing anything else that doesn't work in the old Opera).

    I still find that at least 95% of what I need to do can be done in Opera 11.64.

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