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Unwanted Opera button menu appears when switching to another application

  • When I switch to another application by pressing Alt-Tab, Opera Button's menu appears in that application after switch. It doesn't seem like I can post a screenshot, but I'm sure you can imagine it. Think of, say, Microsoft Word running full screen with an opera menu hanging down from the top left corner, taking a fifth of the width of the screen, and you can imagine the annoyance.

    How can I solve this? If dissociating the Alt key from the button is what it takes, then I'm okay with that.

  • You could post a screenshot, there are screen capture programs that will take a screenshot 10 seconds after you click the button ... but I don't think it is needed. However, you can't dissociate the menu from the Alt key, so I'd recommend you file a bug report on this issue (Opera displays menu when using Alt-Tab to switch applications).

  • Hi!

    I looked up my old registration info just to come here and publicly complain about this. I am about to drop Opera it's so annoying.
    I tried to do a bug report. First of all newest version one can select from drop-down list is 21 while my version is 25.
    Then after I submit the form I get:
    "An error occurred while processing your bug report
    Please try again later. You can click the reload button to try resubmitting your bug.".

    I wish there was a way to remove the alt keybind, or perhaps change ot to something so it's still there just won't trigger on alt tab. It would be interesting to know how many times I use alt tab on an average day but I'm sure it's a pretty high number since I work on pc and I am a power user...

    I see there's spam on the forum, I wonder if this is an abandoned website... after all original opera was abandoned too unfortunately, maybe it's a dying product / company altogether? 😞

  • This happens to me randomly on EVERY PC I have Opera 25 or 26 installed on, variety of different hardware and operating systems involved (XP 32bit, Vista 64bit, 7 64bit).