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[Opera 25] Why bookmark import is not working?

  • I cannot find import and export in Opera 25 bookmarks.

  • There isn't any. You will find bookmark import in Opera 26.

  • Thanks for the info.

  • In the mean time, if you saved your bookmarks as a *.adr file (Try searching your computer for *.adr), just copy or rename it to "opera.html". Then open that file, and bookmark it. You will be able to see all your old bookmarks!

    I don't work for opera - I'm just someone who played until I got something to sort of work, because I was desperate. The *.adr files aren't really *.html files, but they can be read by most browsers.

    It would be very hard to simply import it to the current Opera 25 - because the old bookmarks were hierarchal, meaning that you could have nested sub-folders, whereas the Opera 25 bookmark page doesn't seem to be.

    But I look forward to Opera 26, for this.

  • I forgot to say - if you don't know how to open a file on your computer, its different than in older operas:

    If the file is on drive c:, you can find it by

    1. Put "file:///C:/" in the opera address bar.
    2. Hit Enter.
    3. Navigate your way to the file.

    BTW, creating a bookmark to your old bookmarks doesn't import the old bookmarks - just lets you see them.

    Good luck!

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