Remember me function not working on certain sites?

  • Hello there,

    Both in v12.x and Beta Opera seems to forget to 'remember me'.
    If I close the browser I have to login again, very annoying if you leave tabs open, which I do... A lot!


    • Soundcloud
    • Opera forums


  • Are you 'dumping all cookies' upon closing your browser or accepting only "session" cookies? Some sites use log-in cookies to supplement their log-in process. In those cases, you have to find ways to leave those particular cookies in place while dumping all the others at the end of a session.

  • Remember Me is very strange on this site - it only seems to work if the link you start with is not secure (you are redirected to the secure site once they log you back in). Which also means, if you had an extension like HTTPS Everywhere then it would never work. Never used the other named sites, so no idea there ...

  • Hmm my shortcut points to http but then it redirects to https on both sites, I don't have the HTTPS Everywhere extension installed.

    I don't clear cookies on quit.

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