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Not able to access Settings - Import

  • I am not finding my way into access Settings to import bookmarks or to change the view of the browser.
    F4 doesn't work to add the panels, ..

    I am running Windows 10 Technical Preview, is this the reason?

  • Is this that you installed some 'Opera 25' or like that?

  • I'm in the same position as simonissa. I've just installed Opera 25, running Windows 7 and am also unable to import my existing bookmarks (opera 12.17), the vast majority of which are organised into folders. How di I proceed, please?



  • Opera 25 should have imported them automatically.
    Are you sure they're not there, under the "unsorted bookmarks" heading in the bookmarks manager?

  • Dave, they were saying the user should've had his/her existing Opera as "the default browser" in order for the nuOpera install to import the bookmarks.

  • I sort of assumed that Opera 12 was their default browser, and Opera 2x certainly used to do an automatic import if it found a Presto Opera installation on the computer.
    Later versions indeed import from other browsers if they are the default browser on the system, Opera 26 finally has a proper manual importing system!


  • The OP hasn't shed light on this though yet:

    Is this that you installed some 'Opera 25' or like that?

  • davehawly, I have nothing under unsorted bookmarks though under "imported bookmarks" everything has been imported apart from those in specific folders. I have a large number of bookmarked pages sorted in folders and if I am unable to import these the Opera 25 will be of zero use to me. As far as I know, Opera is my default browser though Googlechrome tries to change it all the time.

    If I get some free time, I'll delete all the unsorted items from Opera 12 and try to reinstall Opera 25. Any other suggestions would be welcome.


  • You could try forcing a manual import by running the following command (with both versions of Opera closed) -

    "{Opera 25 folder path}\launcher.exe --presto-small-prefs-dir={Opera 12 folder path}"

    Replace the bits in curly brackets with the appropriate paths for your system.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. I've tried your suggestion but it comes back with an error message. I'm obtaining the paths by right clicking on the appropriate shortcut icon on the desktop (?) so these are correct.

    Any other suggestions would be welcome.

    Anyone know how to contact Opera direct?


  • Try it again replacing the {Opera 12 folder path} with the absolute path to your Opera 12 profile folder.
    Search for your "bookmarks.adr" file, and the folder that is in is the path you should use.

  • You could try forcing a manual import by running the following command (with both versions of Opera closed) -
    "{Opera 25 folder path}\launcher.exe --presto-small-prefs-dir={Opera 12 folder path}"
    Replace the bits in curly brackets with the appropriate paths for your system.

    Is your Opera 12 dir 2 words or more separated by a space?

    There is an error in the chrome Opera versions won't see it because of the space. Rename the Opera 12 dir to one word and try it then. That worked for me.

  • Yes. I've installed Opera 2x. Now trying with Opera 12. Are the settings not available in Opera 2x?

  • Are the settings not available in Opera 2x?

    Nope. However there is a settings importer in Opera 26 which is in beta stage.

  • Um... I have the same problem. Sortof.
    On win7 premium, Opera25.. Want to import bookmarks, and "missed my chance during the install"...
    The thing is they are exported from Firefox in .json format.
    I've had no problem importing and exporting between chrome, FF and opera before so I wasn't prepared for this.
    That's okay though guys it's just a few years wading through crap creating these lists..
    If there's no sollution, and the support people keep saying things like "I assumed your default browser was.." etc - guess I'm hopping back to linux or atleast changing to firefox or chrome... It's too bad I was really starting to dig it 😞

  • Settings importer in opera 26beta... Yet no bookmarks importer?
    Earlier Opera versions had this.
    The capability excists, since you're given the option and can import (from Firefox,chrome etc - what it detects) during the install without a problem.
    How hard can it be to edit that script for importing and making a patch?
    Or atleast putting it up on a temporary link for people who really needs their "side of the internet".
    I dont know what format your current bookmarks file is in but I doubt that its like 512kbs encrypted unaccessable data?

    I'm not a programmer, haven't written code since Assembler and Pascal but in theory this shouldn't be hard.
    access either file, get data*.* , set up a stack, put import.file contents*.* in stack - unload stack in first accessed file at bottom. (save as bookmarks.ini or whatever extention you use).
    Any converting problems like say me with my .json javascript export from firefox is just as easy to fix for the few export file options there are between these browsers.
    Hell, a javascript or most scripts you could just edit with like notepad and fetch the urls from it since nothing is encrypted or compiled.
    I don't care if I lose my folder alignment or descriptions of sites etc - aslong as I get the urls;
    accessable from within Opera.

  • Settings not available in Opera 2x?
    What ? What is it I look at when entering 'settings' in Opera25 then, setting up the proxy, language, leeched files location & other tweaks.. Much like other programs "settings" ?
    If there's no settings in opera26 but an importer for settings, uhm doesn't exporting from opera25 work?
    Since I'm not lying, my settings ARE there. They just lack the ability to import bookmarks/which might be a feature you're not putting under Settings at all I dunno.
    Should be fixed though... and without anyone losing bookmarks.
    Atleast resetted settings only take like 2mins to redo again..

  • There's a folder called "Imported bookmarks" if you enter bookmarks in Opera25.
    What file and in which folder is this pointing to ?
    If I could know that maybe I could convert my bookmarks to .txt and do the same with the opera database file if you tell me what extention it is... Unless it's built in solid with the core program? Which would be quite embarassing for the programmer if he knew he was doing a kernel-like code which would be set and later changes would only be through plugins and other external programs being called on/read into a stack.

  • Are there even any official support people here or are everyone just Opera users?.....

  • The Opera 26/27 importer imports bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, and cookies.
    26 is at the beta stage and will quickly come to stable assuming that no show stopping issues are found.
    If you want it now, it's here -