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  • Hi!
    I just start trying the new Beta for Linux.
    I had for convert DEB to RPM (using Alien) so i can install it on my OpenSUSE 13.1 64bits.
    This worked and the Beta copy all info from the old installation of Opera 12.16.

    My first impression is very good. The new Beta is much faster than the old one. Facebook goes like a charm.
    I recommend Linux-users to try the new Beta.

    Version: 25.0.1614.54
    Updatechannel: beta
    System: openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (x86_64) (x86_64; KDE)

  • Woah! AWESOME! I did not even know Opera finally had Linux support in the recent versions! I don't actually see anything about it on the main site. All I could find was this:

    If that's accurate, I won't be able to use it. My system is a 32-bit dual-boot with Windows Vista. Is it really 64-bit only? If so, any word on a future 32-bit version?

  • Yes, it is 64bit only. As for a 32bit version, no, not as far as I know.

  • This version is 64-bit only, also deb only ... and still in beta. Ubuntu might have it under amd64 unstable or whatever they call it. Future? My crystal ball isn't very good. I would expect rpm and maybe various tarballs eventually - no guess on date - and maybe ARM support. 32 bit? Even my old XP-era computers could run 64-bit software (whether or not MS saw fit to include it) so you're probably in the minority there. Therefore I won't guess on that.

  • Wow. I guess my old 32-bit Vista/Ubuntu computer DOES support 64-bit. I actually did not realize that until now. Now I need to figure out whether I managed to install a 64-bit kernel and/or update it, so I can use Opera.

    Knowing that, if I don't manage to destroy my Ubuntu installation trying to get Opera running, I'll actually be surprised. So I guess my first task is deciding how badly I really want Opera :-\

  • I won't guarantee it does, but it should. If it came with less than 4 GB RAM then MS wouldn't bother installing the 64-bit version of Windows. But I have an XP system on my desk with 1 GB RAM that I have 64-bit Linux on (dual boot).

  • Oh, it least, the processor reports in Windows as "64-bit capable" and contains the "lm" "long mode" flag in Ubuntu.

    But my Ubuntu installation, like my Windows installation, is 32-bit. Poking around, I pretty much need to do a clean install of 64-bit. Yuck. I'll obviously try the live CD first to make sure it runs.

    While I looked, I found that Ubuntu still seems to be recommending the 32-bit version (, so this problem is probably pretty common. If Opera already supports 64-bit, wouldn't a 32-bit build be as easy as changing some compiler options? This seems like a pretty easy fix to make it MUCH more accessible.