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Fonts change randomly - sites unreadable

  • For some sites the fonts change every time I start opera.

    Sites become unreadable sometimes:
    [](" target="_blank)

    What's the reason for this? It works for some days after a fresh installation (Pendrive). But then the fonts become unstable. How can I prevent Opera from doing this? Thanks a lot!

  • Forgot: Opera 12.17, Win 7 x64

  • Check the settings in Tools>Preference Settings>Advanced>Content>Style Options>Presentation Modes.
    Make sure that "Author Mode" is set as the default, and that "page style sheet" and "page fonts and colours" are checked in the Author Mode options.

  • Thanks. Both is checked and has not been changed at any time.

  • Certainly check View>Style to make sure that the sites with the problem really are in Author Mode when you encounter them.
    A bit of a long shot, but when you next see a page with unreadable text, try zooming it.
    There is a known issue with Opera 12.02 on Windows 98 (!) where the fonts are corrupted at some zoom settings, unfortunately always including the default 100% zoom of course!
    I realise you're obviously not using an older version of Opera on Windows 98, but it might be worth trying that just to see if it's a similar issue.

  • Opera 12 can be notoriously bad with webfonts. Presuming the sites are in some language that has a standard encoding, you may be better off disabling webfonts completely. See


    (Since the forum doesn't make opera: links clickable, you'll have to highlight it and select Go to Web Address.)

  • I'm using Opera v12.17. For some time I was using oGet extension to use different downloaders (OrbitDownloader for example) with Opera and it tried to download fonts from websites and many of them gave me silly looking fonts or symbols and other rubbish.

    As EagleGet get the job done without downloading fonts I basically have no issues with webfonts now. To tell the truth in many cases they are more clear and better rendered than on new Opera 25.

  • Thanks for your answers. I think/hope switching off Webfonts is the best solution. It looks more stable now.

  • You can also remove everything in cache folder from Opera and cookies from problematic websites. It's also working quite good. Disabling webfonts should be the last resort as many websites will look ugly without them.

  • My cache and cookies are deleted on closing Opera. I think this "last resort" is needed to get readable webpages at least. Even the fonts were readable, they were often too small or heavy pixeled sometimes.

  • Can you give an example of a problem site?
    I (and others I'm sure) would like to see if it shows the same problem for others.

  • (German news site)

    They look good for some time. But suddenly they will be ugly or unreadable with Webfonts. Without Webfonts they look ok.

    I should mention that I have the Ghostery Add-on installed. But when I switch it off, the problem occurs also. The fonts are not always unreadable. Often they only change the style after restart of Opera (and deleting cookies, chache & co.), e.g. very small, bold or italic.

  • Both those sites look absolutely fine here at the moment.
    Opera 12.17 Windows XP.

  • No problem of Display with Opera 12.17 on Win 7 x64.

    But i can remember Opera in past had some issues if installed many fonts on Windows (as it may occur on designer's or Desktop Publisher's PCs).