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Shareing bookmarks between Opera 12.16 (Ubuntu) and Opera 19 (Win7)

  • Before the new Opera I was using 12.16 on both win7 and Ubuntu on a dual boot environment. I shared wand and bookmark data and it really worked well. Now I am using Opera 19 on Win7, and I actually kind of like it. There are some things I don't like but then there were some somethings I didn't like with the old Opera either. Anyway, is it possible to share the bookmark data bases between 12.16 and 19, or are they structurally different and not possible to do this?

  • Sorry, they are not compatible.

  • The best that you can do currently is synchronise your bookmarks with Opera 12.16, and use that link from Opera 19 (or any other browser) instead of the bookmarks bar.

    Add or delete any bookmarks only from Opera 12.xx

  • Are you saying I can use Opera link to synchronize the bookmarks both ways. Will it add or delete bookmarks which are added or deleted in either version of Opera. Or should I export bookmarks from 19 (which is the main Opera for me) and then import them into 12.16. I haven't used link so if that is the way to go I'll have to study up on it.

  • Originally posted by mmcl26554:

    Should I export bookmarks from 19 (which is the main Opera for me) and then import them into 12.16.

    There's no point adding bookmarks to Opera 19 yet IMO. It's a beta version. Opera 18 should be your default browser if you are happy with it, but there's no convenient way to share bookmarks between versions so far. The advantage of using Opera Link, is that you can find bookmarks from any browser — not just from Opera. Just bookmarks the link that I gave you, and all of your bookmarks are there.

    Syncrhonising Opera 12 or earlier via Opera Link is easy, but don't rely on it for a backup. Backup your existing bookmark.adr file (and other data), before enabling it, just in case something gets synchronised the wrong way. There are many sob stories on the forums of users who synchronised with a default install, and lost their data.

  • I have been using "Next" as my default Opera browser because when Stable was on 16 and I switched from 12.16 I couldn't get all my bookmarks to transfer, but they were all in "Next". I posted on this forum and tried all the suggestions but there were just a few bookmarks and speed dials that wouldn't show up in Stable. I haven't had any problems with Next so I just stuck by it. Maybe when Stable gets to 20 I'll try to move back.