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Where does your distro install Pepper Flash

  • Numerous distros now offer Pepper Flash as a standalone package. Unfortunately (as is often the case in the Linux world) the distros do not store the Flash plugin in the same location. If you use a non-Debian/Ubuntu distro and Opera is not finding the Pepper Flash after it is installed, please let us know below.

    Bonus points if you know the path that Pepper Flash is being stored in.

  • My distro does not yet offer Pepper flash as a separate install.

  • Hmm, that is a shame. The real problem here of course is that Adobe do not make a publicly available Pepper Flash package for Linux. I really wish they would.

    Another option to be aware of is that Opera can use Chrome's Flash, if Chrome is installed. You don't have to run Chrome at all (not even once), just have it installed. So that might work for you or others who don't have a package provided by your distro.

    If you feel very strongly about not installing Chrome, you could use this script that I knocked up for own own usage, when I got home last night.

    It works similarly to pepperflashplugin-nonfree package on Debian. It fetches the latest Chrome, extracts out the Pepper Flash Plugin, installs that and dumps the rest. If you rerun the script at a later date it will update Flash, only if there is a new version of Chrome.

    I suspect you could even run it as a cron job but must admit I have not actually tested that.

  • Oh, I did install Chrome shortly after Opera ... but as I got Chrome from Google's site and not my distro, I'm unable to say where they might normally install it. Well, "normally" is the wrong word (I couldn't find Chrome in my package manager either), but where they'd put it if they did have such a package. :rolleyes:

  • Chrome (unlike Chromium) can only be installed from Google's website because, they (Google) do not give permission to redistribute their binaries (unlike Opera). If a distro is offering Chrome binaries directly, they are breaking Google's license.

    Some distros, that are either source-based or encourage source-based install of some packages (Arch, Gentoo, Slackware, etc.), offer build/packaging scripts that fetch and repack Google on the fly. This does not break the rules as the distro is not hosting the binaries, just the script.

    On the plus side (for us), Chrome always gets installed in the same location /opt/google/chrome/, hence it is easy for us to locate their copy of Pepper Flash (/opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/ and use it if available. So I do not need to know about that location.

    What I am interested in is where gets placed for use by Chromium and other browser.

  • Arch Linux:


    Pepper Flash was installed using the AUR package. I initially had it installed for Chromium (as I refuse to use Chrome). Opera found it flawlessly.

  • Yep that is the same directory as Debian/Ubuntu uses so we already picked it up. Sorry for failing to mention that we know about that directory.

  • For Gentoo, you can install www-plugins/chrome-binary-plugins, which installs into /usr/lib64/chromium-browser/PepperFlash (for amd64 machines, not sure about the other platforms).

  • Currently we look in the following directories for Pepper Flash Plugin:


    I have created a bug (DNA-29500) internally to also scan three more places:

    • /usr/lib/chromium-browser/PepperFlash/ (Used by Gentoo 32-Bit)
    • /usr/lib64/chromium-browser/PepperFlash/ ( Used by Gentoo 64-Bit)
    • /usr/lib64/PepperFlash/ (Used by Slackware 64-Bit)

    If people want more added, they should let me know.

  • Hey, I just found that the recent Ubuntu package adobe-flashplugin from the Canonical Partner repository:

    deb $distro partner

    has been extended to contain also the Pepper plugin of Flash! It starts with package version 1:20150414 which shipped Flash 17, but it is constantly updated, so at the moment of this writing it has Flash 18.

    Please add the plugin location to Opera! It is:

  • Thanks @btokarski, we'll add it 🙂