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I cannot believe that we're on Opera 25 and still don't have CUSTOM DEFAULT SEARCH ENGINE

  • I don't know about you guys, but I feel like a guy with one arm when I lack omnibar search support for my search engine of my choice.

    All in the name of defending the few that still are tricked into letting an app hijack them, who wouldn't appreciate being able to set a custom search engine, and therefore don't know they need it?

    I say give the feature back over to the core users, people that drive the full power of the browser, and leave an incentive for the casual novice to learn more about the Internet.

    Does anyone disagree with this entropy?

  • When can we expect to recompile so that we can get on with our lives while you work on an improvement?

    How 'bout it guys 🙂

  • This is driving me nuts, I just want to delete the built-in wikipedia search so I can re-assign "w" to another search!

  • Oh don't be so melodramatic. You make it sound like it's impossible to search using the engine of your choice. I have no problem using Opera 25 and whatever search engine I like. First off, you have your choice of five of the most popular search engines available via the Settings. Secondly, if you are one of the paranoid crowd who simply MUST have DuckDuckGo, then go to it, bookmark it and put it on your Speed Dial and/or your bookmarks bar. Voila... you have your "we won't follow you, honest!!" search engine. The devs have more important things to do right now than cater to a few obsessive-compulsive individuals who "think" they are the power users of the browser. Sheesh. You guys never fail to put a smile on my face when you take yourselves so seriously.

  • We can add a new search engine.

    1.Open the web page of the search engine you like

    2.Long click the searchbox on the web

    3.Click the ADD SEARCHENGINE


  • leushino, can you just shut up when you have nothing constructive to say? Lots of people would really appreciate it.

    thatblissguy, there is a workaround check it in one of my threads.

  • Boy, I'll second that, Namal23.

  • If you like Duck Duck Go, there's a pretty good DDG Opera extension (

    I give it the keyboard shortcut, Alt D. (You can give your extensions shortcuts). Go to your extensions list via menu or Ctrl Shift E, and at the bottom of the list, click on extension keyboard shortcuts. So if I type alt D (and my hands are practically there when they are on the keyboard) the cursor shows up in the Duck Duck Go search box of the extension ready to go. You don't have to move your cursor to the search box. You can instantly start typing your search. Now for a regular search from the Omni Search/Address Bar, you have to move your cursor to the search box.

    And no need for any name calling (namal23 or cal5760) telling people to shut-up, etc. That's rude and juvenile. We don't need that in the forum. If that's okay, then I say shut the damn forum down. It would be worthless. We all have our own opinions, and if everyone thought the same, the world would be boring.

  • And no need for any name calling (namal23 or cal5760) telling people to shut-up, etc. That's rude and juvenile. We don't need that in the forum. If that's okay, then I say shut the damn forum down. It would be worthless. We all have our own opinions, and if everyone thought the same, the world would be boring.

    Appreciate the defense, lem. In general I chalk up that sort of talk to teenagers who lack self-control so I try and cut them some slack. Getting back to the OP, your idea of giving a keyboard shortcut mimics my own of putting the shortcut on the bookmark bar although that necessitates have the bar which many don't want. Therefore, yours is a better solution.

  • I don't generally use the bookmarks bar. Now I also set up Duck Duck Go and some others to use from the main Onmi-search bar. So after going to the website of DDG, and right clicking on the search bar there to add the engine, if my cursor happens to be at the Omni address bar, I just type "d" and then my search query. but if my cursor is far away and my hands are on the keyboard, the alt d is simple (that's the shortcut I give the DDG extension), and it immediately puts the cursor in the search box of DDG, making unnecessary having to move the cursor to the search box. Alt d and then I start typing my search.

  • You could also hit f8 which focuses the address bar and then type "d your search text" to do a DDG search.

  • good one, treego. I forgot f8 got you right to the address bar.

  • Not cool guys, NOOT COOL

    It's been years, every time someone comes up asking for a way to change the default search engine, you guys change the subject to "Hey, there's a number of ways to use your own search engine. What did you say you want to change the default search engine? Ok, let me teach you how to use a non-default search engine."


    Google still have my trust so I'm okay with using Google as my default search engine, and been knowing that you can manually edit the "default_partner_content.json" file. Until today, someone asked a way to change the default search engine of Opera and I suggested to edit that file - guess what? It doesn't work anymore!

    I understand that ordinary users may break things, that's quiet possible. But why prevent "power user" changing a freaking default search engine?! Come on! You even have a "Power user settings" (to someone don't know, type "UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A" in opera://settings/ , kind of cool hum, it's the Konami code :D) but even that doesn't allow you to do anything as simple as change the default search engine.

    Yes, I can use any of my custom search engine by using a keyword search, but I just want to type my search query and hit the enter key because that's what I did for other browsers for years! Why are you forcing me to change my behavior?

    Someone from opera team have a very funny excuse saying that limit the default search engine to five is a way to prevent malware blahblahblah... like they're the good guys.

    Just face it, you take the money from the search providers and set them as the default search engine

    Stop lying. If you really concern about your users, shouldn't you put up a vote like "Which five search engines would you like as defaults"? I'm not a big fan of DuckDuckGo (Like I said I myself is pretty happy with Google) but I've seen numbers of posts requesting that, why didn't it made itself into the list? I guess just because it's a community driven search engine that won't pay you to get itself into the list and you won't receive money when users use it

    Want proof? Just open that "default_partner_content.json" file I mentioned, you'll see a lot non-necessary things in the search query like:


    this list goes on and on and on...

    Listen to your users, they just want to custom their own search engine!

  • Thanks for the reminder, Treego. I also had forgotten that shortcut. Lem, I'm going to give your method a shot, although I still find my simplified method suitable for me.

  • radarnyan, do other browsers allow to change their default search engine?

  • @namal23 Yes, of course.

    As I said, even Google Chrome (Yes, I'm talking about the Google Chrome not Chromium) allows you to choose a search engine other than Google as default search engine, and you can do whatever you want with the default search engines, and you can add your own custom search engine and set it as default.

    What we have in Opera? 5 pre-defined search engines, can't edit, can't remove (you can clear the list to only "Google" if you delete the file default_partner_content.json) and you can't set your own custom search engine as default.

  • All the people in this topic are failing to realize that doesn't matter where the setting is hidden, leaving the file exploitable would allow third-party malware to hijack and change Opera's search engines leaving it as vulnerable as Chrome and Firefox. The other thing you don't analyze is what kind of fairness it'd be if Opera charges Google, Microsoft, Yandex, etc, to include their search engines in the browser but would include DDG and other options for free = it doesn't exist, it's a request that doesn't make sense.

    Please read:

    About the reason for the limit, the pending anti-hijacking protection.

    A few bits more about the default search engine deals.

  • All the people in this topic are failing to realize that doesn't matter where the setting is hidden...

    I know a good solution for this. MS Windows should only allow IE as default browser. Problem solved. You would be happy with IE as default browser, wouldn't you?

  • Too busy wrecking speed dial and other things that arent broken.

  • I agee, misteromar, busy wrecking the Speed Dial that isn't broken. 😉 Now that's aggravating and crazy.

    As for the search engine, between the extensions (such as DDG for Opera), keyboard shortcuts (that easily open them), typing one letter at the search bar before a query, f8 as an option too, to get instantly into the search bar, for me, the limitation in default engines is not a big deal, if Opera concludes it's safer for the user, AND the other pieces of the browser are there and working. On the other hand, i recognize that everyone has different priorities.

    @leushino, the ability to use a keyboard shortcut to open an extension is useful for more than just that DuckDuckGo for Opera extension.