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Have an own forum for Presto-based Opera versions

  • Presto Opera is dying...

    I'd say, a bit choking. Though

  • Come on, Dave. we're now dealing in semantics here when we use the term "dead". To all intents and purposes, Presto is dead in that it is no longer being developed. The fact that many people still use it is a moot point. Millions no doubt continued to use Netscape after version 9 but we knew it was dead and done with and eventually those die-hard Netscapers migrated elsewhere. Only someone in complete denial would continue to use Netscape these many years later. I'm not against Presto, per se. After all, it's just programing so why would I care one way or the other. And as I mentioned earlier, I recognize that the vast majority of Presto users continue to use it and have never darkened the door of the Opera forums (and probably won't). When I speak out against Presto users it's directed against a very loud, and oftentimes very rude handful who come to the forum here and complain day after day after day. They've labelled the company as disloyal to them (seriously... a company that has given them free software and support is now disloyal) and no matter what new features are presented in Opera Blink, they never fail to disparage them. That's where my beef lies. As for a separate forum... it's not needed in my view. Simply set up a folder in the existing forum and title it Presto Q & A.

  • The trouble with just having a Presto thread, unless it's permanently pinned (which as far as I can see can only be done with "announcements") is that if it's not used for a while it will sink down the forum, and people with Presto questions will then just start new threads, giving the mods the headache of constantly merging them (can that even be done, I've never been aware of it here?)
    I don't see the harm in Presto Opera having its own section.
    It can always be removed when its use falls too low for its existence to be still justified.
    And yes, some of the rants about Opera's supposed "betrayal" of Presto uses have been just a bit over the top!

  • I said this in other topic. There is no reason to use Presto, you will have so much problems and problems with it that you will see yourself using another browser more than Presto itself.

  • Works fine for me, no worse (and in a lot of ways, better) than any other browser.

  • Listen, people, when Mozilla had a different project - they gave it a different name, right?
    Why couldn't these... Vikings do the same? 😕

  • Er, because the company's actually called Opera perhaps?
    Why would they call it anything else?
    Presto Opera 12.17 works fine for me 95% of the time, at the moment, but I'm under no illusion that this won't get worse as time goes on.
    The main annoyance is on forms, where you spend ages filling them in, only for the "submit" button then to do nothing because of a javascript problem!
    It's a long way from being so bad that I would abandon it as my primary browser yet though.

  • Dave, you're a reasonable man. 🙂 I'm beginning to see your points in regards to a separate forum.

  • Well, Dave, was Opera their first project? Then it's justified to have it a namesake to the company.
    But this __nu__Opera is not their first project...:sherlock:

  • +1 for it

    And to get away with OS Type/Version itself/etc. - Most Support Forums I know have a sub-forum for "legacy-products"/"older versions <app_name>" or something similar (catch all type of subforum). And yes, I think that it could at least soften the Presto/Chropera battles in valid support (user2user) requests (*1), as the "other population of Opera Users" could simply ignore such a forum (if they step away from trolling).

    not general discussions - which ends up in Opera For * as it is nowadayscycle ('cause of missing alternatives(?) - as we don't have a generic Opera Discussion Forum so far, or am I missing something?

  • Shandra, if the two browsers had different names (or at leat the second one's one were adjusted with something), new users would not have "misposted" (or at least less likely would) if we had different subforums for the browsers.

    For now, I guess such a "legacy" thing would become legitimate only after a/the official announcement has been issued widely stating that the company had ceased any and all support for the older browser completely. That is not the case yet.

  • such a "legacy" thing would become legitimate only after a/the official announcement has been issued widely stating that the company had ceased any and all support for the older browser completely.

    And why would that be? Products differ now and solutions do, too.
    That has nothing to do with either the name of the product or its lifetime.

  • Would be a good idea considering how many questions continue to be Presto. It's unfortunate Opera deleted the previous forum, which even if surviving as a read-only resource would have continued to be immeasurably useful to Presto users.

    Also honestly glad leushino isn't around to troll anymore. The guy never stopped causing arguments and general dissension.

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