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  • Stash is gone. I was using it a lot, especially for recipes and shopping. How do I find those links? Some stuff you just need to save for a few days, and you do not want it permanently in your bookmarks.

    Also, are their release notes for Opera 25.

  • Hi @cfpct: please have a look here 😉

  • It should be under Unsorted Bookmarks when you click on Bookmarks.

    You do have an option to not use the new Bookmarks Manager in Opera 25, and then you get Stash back as it was before. Just Type in the address bar: Opera://flags

    and you could disable Bookmarks, the third item down from the top.

    Since with the new bookmarks setup, your Stash items are under Unsorted Bookmarks right now, that may be sufficient for you.

    But you do have a choice.

  • Never mind. Everything is under bookmarks. I was just getting use to using Speeddial for my bookmarks. Also, I would rather see a screenshot of the link than the cartoonish description that replaced them.

  • @cfpct

    Are you talking about the change in the Speed Dial? You can still use the regular speed dial, not the Experimental one. If you're using the Experimental one now, there's a place to click on the bottom right of the browser speed dial page to go back to the regular speed dial. With the regular speed dial, you get a thumbnail of the link, not the colored icon.

    If you're talking about Stash, you have a choice. You can get your Stash items in Unsorted bookmarks, or choose not to use the new Bookmarks manager, and then have stash as it was. My prior post describes how to do that.

  • Why is it Bookmarks or stash? Why can't we have both. If opera had panels, like Opera 12, then we could have more options for customizing. I can see unsorted bookmarks cluttering up the bookmark manager. I like everything neat and tidy with folders. Stash was not meant to be neat and tidy; it was meant for temporary storage. Why can't we have both.

  • @cfpct,

    I see your point. On the other hand, if you look at the new Bookmarks manager, you can create all of the Stash functions there, at least it seems to me you can . . .

    You have Unsorted Bookmarks, and then under My folders, reading list, videos, shopping, travel, and you can easily create your own folders. Why if you want, create a folder in My Folders, and call it "Stash." Put your "Stash" type stuff there. This is separate from the main bookmarks bar. So in a way, they have created something that covers the old Stash functions, but is more organized than Stash. And when you click on the heart to the right of the address bar, when you want to save something, you can easily save it to one of the folders, including, if you create a Stash folder, that one.

    Now you say, "Stash was not meant to be neat and tidy." Well, just use "unsorted bookmarks" for that un-untidy aspect that you were using Stash for, or create a "Stash" folder, and put your untidy, Stash-type stuff there. Now if you have items that you want to organize a bit, but don't want to bookmark it, just use the "my folders feature." Put the items there. I like that "read later" folder, because one of the uses I made of Stash was to store in Stash, items I wanted to find time to read, but which weren't worth a bookmark. It looks like what they have done now is quite useful for that.

    My initial reaction was negative on the treatment of Stash, but now, I'm starting to see that it may really be okay.