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Takes a hole year to load a new tab

  • So... any idea? Any Opera emplyee that can help us? Please!

  • Same happening to me, especially when starting opera with some open pages.

  • So...anyone knows how to solve this? Maybe someone at Opera can reply or help?

  • Have you tried with extensions disabled?

    Pages usually open fast here.

  • I tried that but still being the same :S

  • How about disabling hardware acceleration? Turbo is on or off?

  • Do you think that can be a problem of hardware acceleration? Turbo is disabled

  • Do you think that can be a problem of hardware acceleration?

    Don't know but I think it's worth checking.

  • I had this problem on the Stable release of Opera 25
    I tried reinstalling the browser and deleting all personal data with no results.
    I tried all kinds of settings-combinations with no results

    My solution was to install Opera Beta and forget about the stable release all together.
    Opera is becoming more and more unstable.

  • I was using the beta when recording this

  • This is why I've gone back to 12.17 not only is it incredibly slow for me in opening new tabs but when going back to open tabs I get about 20s of just a white page until it decides to load the already opened content. Really disappointed as I like the new look otherwise.

  • Is there any possibility that some Opera employee at least gives a small statement? I am so close to switching to other browsers because the ne Opera is so damn slow ...

  • I'm having the exact same problem. Even the Speed Dial page and the settings tabs take several seconds to appear. The browser puts 100% load on a CPU core even though nothing happens visually on the screen. I finally decided to start the sysinternals Process Monitor and had a look, and it looks like Opera among many other things is iterating through bunchloads of .dll files and every single .ttf font file, which takes almost a second. This sequence is then repeated again, which in total takes between 2 and 3 seconds. During this time, there is no network activity at all. The filtered log file is available at in case a developer wants to take a look.

  • Iterating through tens or hunderds of files should not take considearble amount of time - except when some kind of disk watching process (like antivirus) intercepts file access. 100% CPU may also indicate antivirus activity. I have seen similar problems with old Opera, when its cache folder was under too strong antivirus control.

  • This is pathetic... a problem no one at Opera seems to want to address.

    I've had Opera for years and I've had it with the "One day it works and the next day it doesn't".
    I've had the problem every time a new version is available. So I load the new one and everything is fine- for a few days. Then the SPEED DIAL refuses to load.
    And NO on extensions. It's just a clean, no frills, Opera 26 version.

    I can pull off an item out of/off of Bookmarks. But no SPEED DIAL. It just won't load. It just sits their with a "About/Blank" look on it's face and that's it.

    Why won't Speed Dial load?
    It was fine the day I installed v26. And the following day it started doing the Opera Jam Dance again.

  • I was having the same problem on opera 26.0.1656.32
    I read the comment about disabling the extensions...went and disabled all four that i had active, and hey presto, the tabs loaded. while i was in the settings page, i also deselected 'Use hardware acceleration when available' under 'system' at the bottom of the page. this last action didn't seem to change anything though. so try and disable all your extensions and see if that helps.

    i'm really sad that we're having all these issues. i have been using opera for more than 11 years now, and really miss the old functionality of opera 12 and before. please, please, please, sort out these issues. i have really enjoyed using opera in the past, most of all sessions, what a miss that is. please stay on your own path, as like before. you were so innovative; i just wonder why you couldn't make the chromium version function the same way as the previous. what's that old saying?...if it's not broken, don't try to fix it!

  • I registered just to post here about the same exact problem with Opera Im having, which noone seems to care about. I have the latest version 26.0.1656.32 and from about version 25 using Opera is a horrible experience for me. Anything I do with it, it takes time. Opening? 15-30 seconds. Oh yeah and it crashes a few times too (this is actually getting worse with each update of Opera since 25). Opening a new tab? 4-6 seconds. Closing a tab? The same. Also Opera just "freezes" every minute or so while scrolling, typing, watching youtube.
    I dont have any extensions and I tried to disabling harware acceleration to no effect. I have an Intel i5-3350P, 8 GB of ram and a SSD drive. I can be playing newest games or using other browsers without problems while Opera would be going to hell at the same moment. And no, Im not going to try beta or dev versions because hell, if I would want dig through internet finding out which version of software works, I would be using Linux in first place. At home I use computer for fun, not to feel Im at work again. So all I want to know is, is this going to be fixed soon, or am I free to dump Opera after many many years?

  • I had a similar problem. It was getting better for me after I disabled the following flag:

    Maybe it's worth trying it on your machine.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it didnt help.

  • Also how is this correct behavior dammit? This wall of Opera just doesnt seem right and I have 6 tabs open.

    The first one has tendency of going a LOT higher when Opera decides to actually do something.